Thursday, March 3, 2011

You Really Resemble Me

 You Really Resemble Me

Your figure is similar to mine
Quietly weeping, as if it echoes in my chest

I don’t know anything, but they say I’ll be happy where I am
So I surely won’t be satisfied
Even in the night, lying low in the void
I chose I want to live now, and that’s just it

Your speed is similar to mine
The sky uninfluenced by brakes becomes frightening
For how long should I try my best?
If there are two people able to bring it to an end

Even no matter what, a road not easy is chosen
I can’t brush away shoes covered in sand
I can only live in such a manner
Smile and nod with me, would you?

Because I made a promise to you
When I come running, facing you someday
I won’t take away my gaze of you
Surely, I’ll receive you better than anyone else

Your figure is similar to mine
You being here, watching the same world
I’m not going to lose my heart in the end
If you can love me
I am kept alive by you

 by See Saw  original title: Kimi Wa Boku ni Nite Iru

I love the sadness in this song. It's about the longing
of two people, who are so similar yet so far apart.  
And the music video is sad too. I'm weepy these
days sigh  

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