Friday, June 20, 2014

Am i fascist?

So I took a test

And found out, maybe NOT

Disciplined but Tolerant-I like the sound of it :-) It sounds like I have principles (I do!) but I try to understand people. I try the hardest, believe me!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Hawtness that is Oberyn Martell

Game of Thrones is one sick, sick series. But I still follow it, just to know the final fate of The Starks. I. LOVE. THE.STARKS. It breaks my heart every time I see them not with each other because they have gone through so much. And now that the three eldest in the family are gone, the young uns are left.

Oh and other families come into the series too. But I hurt for The Starks so much, I cannot accept anyone else, And then came the Martells, or specifically Oberyn Martell, The Prince of Dorne.

When he first appeared, I disliked him. He's too sexed up. And he stabbed a man's hand just because he's a Lannister. And then, we are told of his reasons, his motives, his drives. Why he hates the Lannisters and how sexily hawt capable he is.

 He's called 'The Red Viper' because he learned about poisons. He famously defeated a fearsome enemy and laced his sword with poison. And he's very, very loyal. Like a Stark. You'll find nobody as loyal as him in the series. He hates the Lannisters because when they coup de ta for The Iron Throne, The Mountain 'Ser Gregor Clegane' raped and killed her sister, Elia and her children. And he's still waiting for his turn to pay for what they did to her.

A little background on the House of Martell. The rulers of Dorne. And this is a BADASS house. Even Tywin admits he needs the Martells because of the threat from the east of 'a mother of dragons'. The only land never defeated by dragons was Dorne and the de facto leader of Westeros, Tywin Lannister even needs them!

And God, can he dress or can he dress? I mean look at his marvellous dress. Open collar, bright colors and long surcoat. When he walks, he reminds me of a tiger prowling into enemy's lair  RAWR.
Look at him fillin the dress!
Oh, and his children, all 8 of them are badasses on their own. They are called the Sand Snakes, because they are the daughters of The Red Viper and pretty much share the same feral hotness  ferocity as their father.

And credits must be given to the actor who played him, Pedro Pascal. He imbues and embellishes all the character perfectly and I like all his mannerisms and even his accent. Uh oh and when he makes himself the Champion for Tyrion on the above image, I melted. Good God that man can pose!

[spoiler] yes i know he'll die in the next episode but HNNNNG *melts into a puddle*