Thursday, September 10, 2009

Inuyasha The Final Act

One fateful day, a high school girl falls into a mysterious well
and finds herself transported to Sengoku Jidai, or Feudal
While trying to return to her own world, she sees
a figure impaled to a tree. She pulls out an arrow struck
to his heart and the figure, Inuysha wakes up- and that
stranger would then be the most important stranger in her life..

=>> Above was a simplified review of the manga Inuyasha,
or in English means Demon Dog.
I love this manga, well many people critique it for being too
long(Rumiko Takahashi's longest manga to-date) but hey,
at least it has a stronger and conclusive ending than Ranma 1/2
(oopss spoiler!!)

> well Inuyasha the anime series ended in the year 2004
but just adapted half of the manga. Since the manga had
ended last year, there will be another tv series to give the
audience their ending.

>Being a fan of the series (yes, I've watched all 167 eps)
this piece of news excites me. I know they would drag
the already draggy story but this IS inuyasha we're
talking about. Regardless of all the draggy and
inconceivable plots created to drag the main story, I
really enjoyed it (unless you are Kikyou fan, err...)
The hopeless romantic in me adores Kagome, and
wishes for someone as bratty and cute as Inuyasha LOL
Worse comes to worse I'll watch the last arc and
be at peace with it.

>Inuyasha is special to me because it was the anime
I watched in my undergrads days and I had made
a lot of friends because of it AND because it's 3rd
ending song
is like my fave song ever!!!

It is Dearest by Ayumi Hamasaki

Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
hontou ni taisetsu na mono igai subete sutete
shimaetara ii no ni ne
genjitsu wa tada zankoku de
It would be nice if we could put away and throw out
everything except what really mattered, but
reality is just cruel.
sonna toki itsu datte
me o tojireba
waratteru kimi ga iru
In such times,
I see you laughing
whenever I close my eyes.
itsuka eien no nemuri ni tsuku hi made
dou ka sono egao ga
taema naku aru you ni
Until the day I reach eternal sleep,
that smiling face will
have to stay with me without fail.
> the first time I head this song and reading it's translation,
I was mesmerized and lost. Inuyasha was cemented
in my mind and it's eternal summer shall not fade...


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