Sunday, September 6, 2009


I have not posted for a few weeks yes I know. But a lot
of things happened that pushed me far from blogging.
I was busy with marking exam papers and
2 OF MY THREE KITTENS DIED within 2 weeks time.

SHIRO was the youngest and he died on my bed, on
25th August just 2 days before he would be
one month,

and this afternoon, JO GUK died beside me due to
respiratory problem. He was 6 weeks.

Now I'm only left with MIRAE and I hope
she'll last longer.

Honestly, this case of kittens dying are not
for me. My heart was broken TWICE and
I really miss them. I'm thinking of
neutering/spaying the parents so that
there'll be no more heartbreaks.
We'll see. For the time being, till
I get a lil bit happier, I won't blog.


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