Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Blaming Game

Here we go again. My response to the article-

1.  Numbskull :(
2. Please look into the exams and how it is marked. It’s 90% grammar. 
   Only if the paper survives the red pen only then it will go into the 
   A (42 ABOVE FROM 50) band. Nothing inside matters. As long as
   the grammar is perfect.
3. I tried to make Eng fun by using LCD, youtube and making it 
   interactive. The problems I face-the lack of facilities, and then the
   no-support from the higher ups. They don’t allow me to teach 
   anything else than exam things to Form 5 and for Form 4 I have to 
   instill the correct way to answer the exam paper. SUCKS
4. Frickin Exams. Every  2 months-March, May, Aug, Oct. June is a 
  hols. Where’s the time to study and get plenty of exposure?
5. Apparently, if you don’t sound like the Queen, your Eng is no good. HUH?
6. I am a TESL graduate. We focus on COMMUNICATING. 
   Schools and exams focus on GRAMMAR/STRUCTURE. See the clash? 
   See why we Eng teachers are seen as impotent?

I like this article though I think the text book is blameless.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's What Dreams Are Made Of

It always happens like this. I would crave for something, or fall in love
with something, and my mom would have the same feeling, or cravings. 
This has happened so often I lose count of how many times it occurs.
You see, I don’t live with my mom since Mom and dad moved to
Seremban in 2007. And I’m the type who don’t call my parents if
there’s no emergency (I’m not proud of that really) cuz I was brought
up to make calls only when there’s an emergency. Living with 7 siblings
on a tight budget made one the daughter of a strict family.

And I’m also the kind of person who bottles my feelings cuz I don’t 
wanna burden Mom and dad with my problems as they have enough
problems on their plates already. But the thing is, though me and my 
Mom were separated for 70km far, we often buy the same things or
crave the same food. NO KIDDING.

Let’s say I wanna buy something and I didn’t tell a soul about it, and 
on weekends when I return to Seremban my Mom would have it too. 
For example

I fell for this beautiful apple green sieve, and though I can’t bake to save my life, I bought it as a collection, in case, I am suddenly inspired to bake, and then I went home to Seremban, I found out mom bought the similar sieve from the same place!
Lemang and rendang cravings during non-festive season and we both bought them at pasar malam heh
We enjoyed the same drama and fell head over heels on the same hero-TWICE! LOL and I didn’t know mom watched the same drama too
Went to ROMANTIKA shop on different occasion but bought the same plants for our respective houses LOL
The Seremban house would have something that my house has that we don’t know each other has LOL
Last weekends, I had a craving for those dates on branches, so I bought a box for myself. It turns out Mom also had a craving and told my sis about it WEIRD

For your information, my mom and me are as different as day and night..
I mean in temperamental and anything. She’s fierce but very kind,
hard working, creative, and she could do something once she puts
herself to do it. Oh the numerous cakes we ate whenever my mom
tried a new recipe, and even when she’s half blind (yes, she is now)
She managed to learn to sew her own bag made from leather O.O
that’s how impressive she is
Me? Just negate evryhing written about her above LOL

What is this SIMILAR INCIDENTS called? Telepathy?  
Shared consciousness? People may dismiss this as “It Runs In The 
Family” kinda thing but REALLY?
Or is it The Matrix? Ok j/k