Thursday, December 29, 2011

Euthanasia and Pets

Putting Down a Sick Cat: Permissible?

As-Salamu `alaykum. My parents have a pet cat and it is very sick now.
They are planning to have it put down. Is this kind of mercy killing allowed in Islam?


Name of Counsellor
Ahmad Kutty


Wa `alaykum as-salamu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

Dear sister in Islam, we are very pleased for the great confidence you place in us, and we commend your interest in having a better understanding of the teachings of Islam and the rulings of this great religion in all matters. In fact, Islam is a religion that encompasses all aspects of life and secures guidance and light for all mankind.

Concerning your question, Islam, the true religion of Allah, cares about the well-being of all creatures. Therefore, animals should be treated kindly and mercifully. If a pet cat becomes sick it should be treated.

Responding to your question, Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, a senior lecturer and Islamic scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada states:

“If your cat is sick and it can be treated you must do so if it is within your means and ability. Simply allowing a cat to be put down because it is sick is not allowed in Islam; should you do so, you will be responsible before Allah for causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

If, however, your cat is too sick to recover and there is no hope of it ever being able to lead a normal life, or you do not have the means and resources to obtain adequate treatment for it, then you must hand it over to the humane society. It is up to them to decide what to do with the cat. If they decide to put it down because of not being able to find a home, or because of their decision that such an animal cannot be cared for or set free, it is permitted to do so according to the principles of the Shari`ah. It is generally agreed by scholars that if leaving certain animals free becomes a cause of genuine concern for the safety of society, it is permitted in Shari`ah to put them down as a lesser of the two evils.”

Excerpted, with slight modifications, from:
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p/s: I didn't PTS my cat. He passed away naturally.

Requiem for Yoyo...

My beloved, handsome, darling cat, Yoyo, or his pet name,
A-yo passed away this afternoon, at 3pm because of FIP.
He was 3 years, 1 month. 

I have a lot of cats, and each and every one of them is special
to me, but he was way too special. Every night he slept beside
me and every morning he would wake me up. He was the alpha,
dominant male, but he was very gentle with any kitten that
he met. He would go out every morning and waited for me
by the house gate when I returned home. And what I remember
most about him is that he would stay quiet whenever I kissed his
face. During a visit to the clinic, when he was screaming at the
vet, I kissed his face and he became quiet. Such is the 
bond that we shared

For him, i dedicate a poem.

Missing You

When I was yours and you were mine
You missed me.

When I went to work
Or to the store
You missed me.

When I talked too long to a neighbor
Or went out with the girls
You missed me.

When I worked in the garden
Or hiked in the woods
You missed me.

When I was yours and you were mine
You greeted me.
You sang
You danced
You hurdled the couch
You knocked me down
You greeted me!
I’m still yours, but you are gone.

When I am at work
Or at the store
I miss you!

When I talk too long to a neighbor
Or go out with the girls
I miss you.

When I work in the garden
Or hike in the woods
I miss you.

I’m still yours, but you are gone.
No one greets me.
No one sings
No one dances
No one hurdles the couch
No one knocks me down
No one greets me!

I’m still yours but you are gone
Missing You!

Written by Sonjalyn Dickson Rine

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dancing Under The Rain

Last 2 Fridays, I went to Sunway Giza to appease my curiosity. Spent close to 4 hours 
there and as I was about to leave, it rained. And as people always say, 
“it never rains, it pours” And so I was stuck, within 2 metres from where I parked 
my car because the rain was indeed phenomenal, even for this country.
The wind was mind blowing and the rain was heavy, I was drenched within seconds as
I opened the doorof my car and got in.

Before going into my car, I was amused with a scene I saw by the mall. An English 
woman was shouting ecstatically looking at the heavy rain and she was busily 
snapping pictures of the rain. She kept running towards the rain but she didn’t get 
herself drenched. Maybe it was her self restraint, cuz she had a Chinese friend with
her. The English woman was still young, I guess in her late twenties, so pretty and 
excited. Her friend was trying to stop her but then she desisted.

This particular scene reminded me of the same scene I saw of my two trainee teachers 
back when I was schooling in Science Selangor. Every year we’d get a few 
native speakers as English teachers and in my form 5, we got two lady teachers, 
who were actually at the same age as us-17! But they looked way matured and adult
but very nice and sweet.

Well it happened one day, as they were staying in the dormitories with us, it rained quite 
heavily. Both of them jumped unto the basketball court and danced under the rain. It 
was so much fun, and some students even followed them!
I guess that says a lot about rain and how we actually do not realize that we are 
fortunate to get such heavy rain. I have always run from the rain, but one day,
I wish I could act like them, and dance under the rain..!

 p/s: I have been lazy yes, work has been a pain so... ><

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adopt A Cat (For Free!)

           Actually if you think you are ready to have a pet cat, you don't have to buy it. Apparently they can be given free. Just check out the face book page like in the picture above- Malaysian Cats Free Adoption 
But don't dream of having those expensive breed of cats like Scottish Folds or Persian. Most of them are local or domestic breed. If u are lucky they might be mixed! This is a public announcement and I am not affliated with the page itself, only I feel that it's BETTER if we stop buying cats from pet shops for the sake of the cats... Besides there are many stray cats out there. I NEVER bought any of my cats. I picked them out from the back of my house and I trained and domesticated them myself. The first year was hell, yeah, but it was worth it..

              To get your pet, you just have to like the page, and then go to the public wall (it's written as everyone) and read the posts there. Look at the pics and if the original owner is in your area, you're in luck! I stalk this page everyday because i love reading about how this cat got adopted or found a new home. Yeah i'm messed up that way XP btw if i didn't have 3 adult cats, i would have scourged and devoured the page for those cute kittens they are giving away *be still my beating heart* :)

                 If u happen to have or adopt one, please make sure your cats are neutered and spayed. It's for your own and the cat's benefit. My mom used to disagree on this but after i persuaded her to spay the cats, she is now convinced. You can ask me where you can neuter or spay them in KL area.[or in any other area, i'll search the net for you :)]

p/s: do you know that if you send your cats to SPCA, and after 2 weeks, if nobody wants them, they'll be put to sleep? T____________T

Sunday, September 11, 2011

On September 11, 2001 where was I and what was I doing?

I remember clearly that morning. I was still in UKM, and I had class the whole day, and living in the college in my second year, it was my routine to watch the telly after Isya’. Usually I go and watch those Chinese dramas, so popular at that time. Around 10pm the news about 9-11 came out, and it was surreal. TV3 was reporting as ‘AMERICA UNDER ATTACK’ and it was pretty chaotic. As I watched, the number of students watching it grew, because it was a horrific sight. None of us said anything.  The news only reported what happened, and we didn’t know who was behind it or what repercussion it would bring later. It just felt bad. I went to my room at 11pm.

                The next day, it was all over the news and newspaper, and then the reality of the situation hit me.  I still remembered the news reported, close to 4,000 casualties but the story dominated the telly that day and the rest of the month. I kept thinking how horrible! I remembered talking to my friend about the huge amount of deaths, and how terrible it was. Imagine, it’s the number of occupants in the whole of UKM! It was nauseating and this act of terrorism is very, very appalling and disgusting. I never felt so bad for anybody, as bad as what I felt for the family of the victims(rivaled only what I felt for the 2004 tsunami victims) And when we watched about the firefighters who died trying to rescue before the towers collapse, it made it worse. I pray this will never happen again, not to me nor anybody in this world.

This was the exact news I watched on TV1 and it was repeated the whole week.

 RIP 9-11 Victims

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Blaming Game

Here we go again. My response to the article-

1.  Numbskull :(
2. Please look into the exams and how it is marked. It’s 90% grammar. 
   Only if the paper survives the red pen only then it will go into the 
   A (42 ABOVE FROM 50) band. Nothing inside matters. As long as
   the grammar is perfect.
3. I tried to make Eng fun by using LCD, youtube and making it 
   interactive. The problems I face-the lack of facilities, and then the
   no-support from the higher ups. They don’t allow me to teach 
   anything else than exam things to Form 5 and for Form 4 I have to 
   instill the correct way to answer the exam paper. SUCKS
4. Frickin Exams. Every  2 months-March, May, Aug, Oct. June is a 
  hols. Where’s the time to study and get plenty of exposure?
5. Apparently, if you don’t sound like the Queen, your Eng is no good. HUH?
6. I am a TESL graduate. We focus on COMMUNICATING. 
   Schools and exams focus on GRAMMAR/STRUCTURE. See the clash? 
   See why we Eng teachers are seen as impotent?

I like this article though I think the text book is blameless.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's What Dreams Are Made Of

It always happens like this. I would crave for something, or fall in love
with something, and my mom would have the same feeling, or cravings. 
This has happened so often I lose count of how many times it occurs.
You see, I don’t live with my mom since Mom and dad moved to
Seremban in 2007. And I’m the type who don’t call my parents if
there’s no emergency (I’m not proud of that really) cuz I was brought
up to make calls only when there’s an emergency. Living with 7 siblings
on a tight budget made one the daughter of a strict family.

And I’m also the kind of person who bottles my feelings cuz I don’t 
wanna burden Mom and dad with my problems as they have enough
problems on their plates already. But the thing is, though me and my 
Mom were separated for 70km far, we often buy the same things or
crave the same food. NO KIDDING.

Let’s say I wanna buy something and I didn’t tell a soul about it, and 
on weekends when I return to Seremban my Mom would have it too. 
For example

I fell for this beautiful apple green sieve, and though I can’t bake to save my life, I bought it as a collection, in case, I am suddenly inspired to bake, and then I went home to Seremban, I found out mom bought the similar sieve from the same place!
Lemang and rendang cravings during non-festive season and we both bought them at pasar malam heh
We enjoyed the same drama and fell head over heels on the same hero-TWICE! LOL and I didn’t know mom watched the same drama too
Went to ROMANTIKA shop on different occasion but bought the same plants for our respective houses LOL
The Seremban house would have something that my house has that we don’t know each other has LOL
Last weekends, I had a craving for those dates on branches, so I bought a box for myself. It turns out Mom also had a craving and told my sis about it WEIRD

For your information, my mom and me are as different as day and night..
I mean in temperamental and anything. She’s fierce but very kind,
hard working, creative, and she could do something once she puts
herself to do it. Oh the numerous cakes we ate whenever my mom
tried a new recipe, and even when she’s half blind (yes, she is now)
She managed to learn to sew her own bag made from leather O.O
that’s how impressive she is
Me? Just negate evryhing written about her above LOL

What is this SIMILAR INCIDENTS called? Telepathy?  
Shared consciousness? People may dismiss this as “It Runs In The 
Family” kinda thing but REALLY?
Or is it The Matrix? Ok j/k