Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oiso Korean Traditional Cuisine & Cafe

Grape juice and the refillable side dishes
            Oh, Korean culture is da thing right now and their food are awesome.
There's a shop i often patron-and it's name is as above. It is situated at The Sphere,
Bangsar, quite a near distance from University Malaya.

           I love the range of food it served and definitely, it's not THAT expensive.
I love the side dishes they made, especially kimchi. The place is clean, the ambience
relaxing and the people very friendly. The restaurant owner is very, very nice and
smiles a lot :)

aloe vera drink, yummy

the grilled Mackerel fish is awesome!- we also get a bowl of rice and a bowl of seaweed soup!

the Bul-gogi, or Marinated meat with soy and pear sauce, is sweet and delicious!

close-up of the side dishes:- dunno bout the rest but the red one is kimchi!

The restaurant's address:

Oiso Korean Traditional Cuisine & Cafe

Unit G-3, Ground Floor, The Sphere,
No. 1, Avenue 1 Bangsar South,
No. 8, Jalan Kerinchi
Kuala Lumpur 59200

opens  Mon – Fri: 4pm – 10.30pm /
Sat – Sun: 10am – 10.30pm
(including public holidays)
 03-2242 1349

visit their facebook page for the pics of their beautiful place :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wajah-Wajah Yang Dirindui

This post is dedicated to my English set 5(1)C 2011 who had worked hard,
Class 5E 2011, the COOLEST Clarion class and
the SUPER DUPER AWESOMETASTIC Librarians of 2010-2011 whom I <3 so much!!

            I had fun with u guys last year. Hopefully, you will get everything and anything
you've ever wished in your life. Love you guys and hope for the best for tomorrow's
SPM result. If it's not as you expected, then maybe it's still not the time that Allah
wants to give you. If you get what you want, then give praises too Allah and His Prophet,
say thank you to your parents and teachers and be happy but not too happy :-)
Regardless what you get, do come to see me!

 p/s: I don't have any pics of 5E and librarians, sorry :(

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Trip to Cameron Highlands

         Last week, on 9th March, at the start of the School Hols, I went to
Cameron Highland for a trip with my sibs and mom and dad, 5 of us.
We started from KL very late, at round 8pm (yeah my workplace was a bitch
and I had to stay till 6pm) So came home at about 7pm and thus, following
the Tapah route (I know, right) we got at Tapah at around 10pm. The Tapah
route was pretty horrible. If it wasn't because I had my little brother with me
I'd turned back!! It was dark and the road was curving like 45 degree! 
My brother was driving though but halfway he got nausea and I had to take 
over. Not to mention it started to rain! So caution guys, go to Cameron
only through the day if not may God help you...
    Suffice to say I arrived at 12.30am at the Heritage Hotel which is at
Tanah Rata. The hotel was cool cuz it saved a room for us and we got 
quite a nice room(could be nicer tho) But man it was so darn cold that
night. I slept around 3(am a late sleeper) My mom accidently switched
on the fan on her way to the toilet and I was like um freezing! Seriously
guys you gotta bring sweaters and socks and blankets for nights here..
    The next day got a nice English-ish breakfast at Heritage and 1 even
get to eat complementary scones (which cost a whopping RM 13 each!)
We checked out by noon cuz there's a new hotel waiting for us (ehem)
     On our way to the Strawberry Park Resort, we stopped at Taman
Agrotek Mardi at Tanah Rata, just within walking distance of the hotel
(ok, maybe 7 minutes ride)
The entrance
      The place was pretty cool. We get to see the R&D there though it
was not strawberry season but the flowers there aah would melt any
frustration (that's me of course. My bro was perhaps indifferent LOL)
Be warned that I will post a barrage of images on flowers cuz I love them!
Looks familiar but it's not! Though it reminded me of a salad LOL
These are called Ladies Shoes because they do, uh, look like one :)
Information about Wild Orchids. Really 'wild' the place looks like a bush no kidding
These flowers are like weeds anywhere else but in Cameron, ta-da!
        There's this one section in the Taman Agrotek that they actually sell
these potted flowers. It's called Tanaman Hiasan Berpasu something.
        The flowers there are gorgeous but given but the price, not so much. 
Nonetheless, if you scour all over Cameron for the prices, the prices 
here are relatively cheaper. I have this suspicion that all the other places
take their plants from here and so they sell at higher price oh well.

      So my mom bought a few pots of blue lily and orchids. BTW I discovered
a few orchids that resemble the names of a class at my school and the
Sports Houses.

      There you have it. There were also potted cacti for those who love cactus.

       We wanted to look at the strawberries but they were not in season and 
still green (yuck) but we had strawberry juice and strawberry chocolate on
sticks( no pics cuz no time, had to devour oh those delicious munchies!)
But still for some education about strawberries planted at Cameron.
       We stepped out at 1.22 pm and the weather was very nice and cold-y,
but I LOIKE. The temperature was 22. The sun was shining very bright but
you don't feel the heat. When it's windy, the wind was like from the air-cond.
ICY and LIKEY. :-)
       When we're done, we stopped by a strawberry farm, you know to
     Though they sell strawberries, we didn't buy cuz I bet the price was more
expensive. I wanted to shop at the Pasar Tani where they sell at bargain 
price(or so they say)

     So we checked in at the Strawberry Park Resort. Lemme tell you this
place has no elevators!! I mean I paid like more than 200 per room but
there are only stairs! Now pardon my French but I paid that amount so
lifts should exist!! However, thank God Cameron is such a cold place
that walking up and down the stairs doesn't actually make you sweat. 
Still they refurnished the room nicely so as to make up for the non-existant
      I enjoyed the Victorian style of the furnishing but only because it made
me all Sherlock Holmes-y Forgot to take the pics of the bathroom, quite nice too
except no bath tub. Maybe they're saving water cuz this hotel is up at 
Brinchang and water pressure could be a bitch who knows.
     That nite went out for the Pasar Malam at Brinchang, it was full of
people and many things to sell. I was busy buying dinner (cuz it's quite hard
to buy Malay food in CH) and a few souvenirs so no pictures (bummer)
Had wished for but well...
    The next day we went for the Pasar Tani, and we bought a lot of things
like Jagung Mutiara-a corn that you could eat raw, strawberries and jam
and juices and keychains and pillows and umbrellas. I don't know but the
strawberry umbrella tugged my heart. Again no pics cuz girl was busy

           After we checked out from the hotel, we went up to the Rose Valley
at Tringkap on the way going down to KL through Simpang Pulai. I must
say, an adult is charged RM4 per entry but it's not worth it. I mean not
enough flowers there. I got bored and went out after 30 minutes (though
my family stayed for over an hour, maybe it's just me) Still I was camw***ing

          Well, we arrived home at 7pm (ironic huh since we started out at
7pm too). All in all, it was a nice journey, pleasant and we had a great
time. Though next time, buy big strawberries cuz they last longer than those
puny redder strawberries. They sour faster and never ever freeze them cuz
they turn out soft jellied and sticky.

my pumpkin was happy i finally got home <3