Sunday, October 31, 2010



When I was born, I was black.
When I grow up, I'm black.
When I'm ill, I'm black.
When I go out in the sun, I'm black.
When I'm cold, I'm black.
When I die, I'm black.

But you -

When you're born, you're pink.

When you grow up, you're white.
When you're ill, you're green.
When you go out in the sun, you go red.
When you're cold, you go blue.
When you die, you're purple.

And you have the nerve to call me coloured?

I love this poem. I came across it in literature class.
I thought it was awesome and so I wanna put it in
here. The poet is witty in using all the colours
to give them back a taste of their own medicine.
Some people claim it was written by Malcolm X, 
and some claim a boy wrote it and the poem actually
won sth from the UN. No matter what, it's a very nice,
intricate and kinda 'in your face' poem LOL

Tuesday, October 26, 2010




Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Movie Review: Postman to Heaven

I just finished Postman to Heaven, one of the telecinema aired by SBS last year. The story is about Jaejoon, who is tasked with the duty of solving people’s problem. He is assigned to a special mail post in the middle of a green field, and the mailbox only receives letters of bereaved families trying to cope with the loss of their loved ones-they sent letters to Heaven, hoping their loved ones' answers.
The catch is, he is neither a ghost nor an angel; thus, he can’t be seen by anyone except people who suffered the loss and the more they are deep in sadness, the better he is seen. Jaejoon meets with a chirpy, motormouthtastic Hana who discovers his secret, and he employs her to help him in his quest. Hana lost his boyfriend and sent a rude letter to his bf LOL. Together, they solve the sender's sadnessor whatever crap they are feeling and in the process they both fall in love (D’AWW) but one day, one of their customer, caught them cheating, and Jaejoon has to hang up his wings..

They ate a bento a grieving mother made for her dead son and then pretended the son ate it and liked it @.@

Her infectious <3

They faked a DNA test to make sure a father believes his wife didn't cheat on him before she died
They were caught faking a tape recorder that is supposed to be from the man's dead son; his remorse was he could never show how much he loves his son b4 the son died

as Hana starts to forget his ex dead bf because of Jaejoon, Jaejoon cannot be seen anymore :'(
the MOST romantic place to meet a postman- the post office LOL

I love it! At first I was not interested to watch as I was more keen into another title in the telecinema series, but after watching this, I was glad I watched it. I just love the theme of redemption and long lost love. I also love just how spunky Hana is, and Han Hyo Joo played her perfectly. Hero of TVXQ played Jaejoon, though not as strong as Han Hyo Joo, but he is adequate and believable enough to be ‘a postman to heaven’. Guess that angelic face has its uses HARHAR

Oh, and it was written by Kitagawa Eriko, who wrote LONG VACATION and 
BEAUTIFUL LIFE And directed by Lee Hyung Min, the director of WINTER SONATA 

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Men and Women Focus on Different Things
[example: a conversation about Bleach]

my brother: I don't understand why Gin said he doesn't want Rangiku to cry?
Me: cuz he loves her, idiot!
My brother: wha-when?
Me: at earlier episodes, remember they were childhood friends, and when he was caught by Rangiku before he went up the sky with Aizen, even when he could just kill Rangiku easily, Gin let himself be caught.(though he’s waaay more powerful than Rangiku) And when the light from menos covered him, he said to Rangiku,
“I’m sorry, If only you held on a little longer..” That proves it.
My brother: those things happened? Really? I don’t remember a thing
Me: sigh.. ><

[Second Conversation]
Me: IchigoxOrihime pisses me off. I’m more towards IchigoxRukia. What about you?
My Brother: what the hell are you talking about?
Me: I mean, who should end up with Ichigo, Orihime or Rukia?
My Brother: Why must one of them end up with him? They are all just friends..!
Me: They’re not just ‘friends’. Ichigo went through Soul Society for Rukia and Hueco Mundo for Orihime.
He must have feelings for them.
My Brother: Yeah-it’s called FRIENDSHIP
Me: Come on-you want Ichigo to say ‘I Love U’? That’s too direct
My Brother: Yep,what’s romance gotta do with BLEACH. It’s a shounen manga for god’s sake
Me: hmmph

Conclusion: I read BLEACH for the subtleties, interactions and character developments. My brother reads BLEACH for pure action.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jamuan Hari Raya SESERI 2010

             Today, there was the annual Jamuan Hari Raya done at the Gelanggang Anggerik Sari in  SESERI. I won't comment much, enjoy the photos since they say, a picture says a thousand words...
ONCIDUM'S AREA-notice the yellow baju kurungs?

These are somekind of doorgifts to seniors, I think..

They were trying to portray the kampung life


yeah, put up the banner high and shout ONCI...!
'Peace' from students-cum-food severs XXPPP

 It was nice but the food choices were kinda boring. We had limited budget this year,
I think. But the Secret Recipe's Butterscotch and Chocolate Indulgence were heavenly
and the nasi kerabu from Onci's stalls were nice too. Here's for next year!! :DDDD