Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jamuan Hari Raya SESERI 2010

             Today, there was the annual Jamuan Hari Raya done at the Gelanggang Anggerik Sari in  SESERI. I won't comment much, enjoy the photos since they say, a picture says a thousand words...
ONCIDUM'S AREA-notice the yellow baju kurungs?

These are somekind of doorgifts to seniors, I think..

They were trying to portray the kampung life


yeah, put up the banner high and shout ONCI...!
'Peace' from students-cum-food severs XXPPP

 It was nice but the food choices were kinda boring. We had limited budget this year,
I think. But the Secret Recipe's Butterscotch and Chocolate Indulgence were heavenly
and the nasi kerabu from Onci's stalls were nice too. Here's for next year!! :DDDD


  1. Miss it. Big time. :)

    Wish I was there.

  2. @Imanshah-bolehlar sket :p

    @aliah-yeah, there were alot of excess food, you should have come :)))


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