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Movie Review: GANTZ

So last weekend I had a chance to watch the live adaptation
of GANTZ. It was actually a seinen manga, which means
the demographic targeted at young adults 21-30 maybe.
Anyway, since I enjoyed seinen more than shounen and
a few other factors *cough Matsuyama Kenichi cough*
I honestly don't see why I shouldn't be there XDD

WARNING! this post is loaded with pics so...



Kei-chan the pervert ppffff

Kei Kurono is an undergrad looking for a job. So he spends 
time going for interviews and one day, he notices his primary school
classmate, Kato Masaru on the subway. He is hesitant to ask him

but when a hobo fell on the track of an incoming express train, Kato
jumps in to help. Kato, recognising Kei, asks for his help but 
Kei pretends not to know him.

After pushing that hobo up to safety, the train is coming so fast
that Kato has no time to get off the track. Kei reaches his hands and
Kato grabs it but the momentum resulted in both of them thrown
back at the track unto the path of the train...

Both of them then realise that they are in a room and inside it there
is a big black ball and a few people.

Another person appears, a girl names Kei Kishimoto. The way
she appeared was one limb by one limb from streaming lights coming
from the black ball. Because Kishimoto appears naked, the men
try to take advantage of her but is stopped by Kato who gives her
his clothes.
Kato fending off that perverted man

Then a song plays from the ball and there are writings on it.

The BM translation for this was 'dan itulah cara segalanya musnah' and I was like MWAHAHAHA XDDDD

Apparently it says that all of them are dead and their old lives are gone.
And they must do what the ball orders them to do.

The ball tells them to kill the alien in the picture before the time

The black ball opens to reveal an arsenal of weapons, and
bags that contain special suits. In the middle of the ball is a man
connected to the ball still breathing and alive

The bags have names of their owners

bald, naked man

They try to figure out what's happening when one of them had a
theory that they are all being hospitalized and drugged. While
talking they are sent to the place of their mission.
CIEL!!!!! Ooppss wrong movie!!

They were cockbull by Joichiro Nishi, saying that it's a reality game
and if they kill the target they would get $100,000. Sad to say it
was all bullocks and the aliens are a pair of father and son. They
killed the son, found out by the father and they were massacred
(it was so horrible that I don't have the stomach to post the pics)
Our group of main characters survived though because they didn't
join in and because Joichiro intervenes. It turns out Joichiro is a
veteran of this and he didn't reveal the truth in the beginning because
he believes only the fit will survive (Social Darwinism sucks!!)

example of GANTZ' snide remarks

Everyone is given points and Joichiro get 5 marks.The ball, or
GANTZ as Joichiro calls it, makes fun of them with remarks like
'boobs' like what it calls Kishimoto LOL

The pictures of the dead are also shown.

Kato is furious at Joichiro for letting the other people die while
Joichiro calls him "FAGS"

Joichiro reveals that as long as they don't die during the mission, no
matter how bad their conditions are, they would be all fine and
dandy when they return to Gantz. And that they will be called

They return to their normal lives and after a lecture, Kei is pursued
by a cute-as-button Tae Kojima who apparently harbors a crush on
Kei-chan. Kei doen't realise this as he keeps thinking about what
happened the other day

One night they return to the room and their mission is to kill the
Tanaka Alien or I call it the BoomBox.

It was pretty terrible and the BoomBox was very clever. In this
mission we learn more about the suits.
Kato makes the suit bulk-up to crush the BoomBox

In this mission, we learn that once a person hits 100 marks, he
could choose from the 100-menu. Joichiro by the way, was killed
by the boombox (RIP bishounen)

Kei becomes excited with what he gains and practises with the
suit not unlike Peter Parker when he first gets his spidey power.

Kei also hangs out with Tae and finds out she's an aspiring manga
artists (though all she draws is him LOLOL)
Kishimoto the opportunist and I'm sooo jealous 8(

Kishimoto, at the same time, hangs out with her crush Kato and
reveals of her suicide before she appears in the Gantz room. Kato
also discloses a bit about himself and Ayumu, his lil brother.

Who would've guessed all these tender moments are
the calm before the storm...?

Another bishounen to the group, Hiroto Suzuki

True enough, they are called for the 3rd time, and this time there are
new faces. Kato tries to convince them to wear the suits but Kei
disagrees with Kato.

it's either my way or the highway

Kei has gone over his head and tells Kato he will save em all. He
apparently follows Social Darwinism too LOLWUT?
last stand

So they arrive at a museum of sorts that houses religious relics.
(This arc is famoulsy known as The Temple Aliens)

frickin huge

They manage to kill the big alien but it turns out that Gantz had a
 bonus section that he didn't tell them. There is another one in the
museum and it is a deadly one.

It's one hundred arms-Konzen which means it has 100 weapons O.o
And it's damn fast too. Kishimoto dies while trying to save Kato
well less rival for me yay *slaps face*

And Kato dies too (NOOOOOOOOO..!!)
sob sob sob
Kei regrets what he's done and loses his zest for life. Back in
the real world, he jumps on the train track to get a boy's hat but 
he doesn't get off. After Tae Kojima cries and implores him to 
not die, the he returns to his senses (D'AAWWW...) :3

don't let go, Jack

Kei takes care of Ayumu and

yo a new bro in da house

in his next mission, Kei changes and uses the approaches that
would make everybody safe.

be safe. use xxxxxx LOL


I dislike gore and bloods splattering but aside from that I enjoyed
it. The story is easy to understand and they don't cram too much
information. Some dislikes Nino playing Kei because he didn't
give the 'same vibes'. I think he did fairly well. People who expect
to get the 'exact face' like Kei, I would say, come on! They could
do even worse! They said the same about Fujiwara Tatsuya 
when he played Kira Raito in Deathnote and I was like pppffffff 
Tatsuya is still the best choice! His acting cops are ubersome!
Kenichi Matsuyama is of course awesome and when he died I was

but seriously worth every Ringgit :DD

And my usual SPAM SECTION ahaha XDDDD
Because they're worth it

A bishi is a bishi does
a smile :-)
serius face but still bishiful
do the pout Kanata oh you're HAWT!!
There's also a preview of the second movie
GANTZ:The Final Answer
who's that I see-is Kato still AHLAIV??!!
Welcome Yamada Takayuki, into the bishi world of GANTZ *nosebleed*
Shion Izumi(I think) is an as***** alive or dead
Reika(my speculation) the third angle in a love triangle
What's Tae doin on Gantz' black ball?
TEH AWESOME face that haunts my sleepless nights
BTW,  TL;DR hahaha XPPPP

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