Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Things You Don't Know about Me #1

#1. People who just met me would never guess that I am an
English teacher. NEVER. SERIOUSLY.

case in point, im my first school they all thought I was posted
as 1. a clerk  or  2. ustazah lol
Some even thought I taught history or Life Skills
Whenever I go for courses, Eng would be the last subject
they think I teach

People always approach me selling their "Learn English
in 30 Days" products which actually means I don't
look the part

But I'm not complaining cuz it's nice to defy people's 

As a side note, what's with the "Learn Eng in 30 Days"
products? Many of us learned Eng since kindergarten
and still fail at it, and one can master it in just 30 days?
Rubbish... XPP

And now u know something useless about me lololol

Till next time, the post today is brought to you by the
letter E and number 1 XDDD


we're all calm, rational people rite?