Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Scenes I want from 'Catching Fire'

I think everybody knows how much I adore 'The Hunger Games' trilogy, especially
the middle book, 'Catching Fire'. I just can't shut up about it. This is just like when
I was spazzing about 'The Dark Materials' series a few years back. Good times,
good times.

And my flames were reignited when I read about the 10 scenes picked by readers
that they want it to be filmed here, I had to make a post of it too. Hence, I present
you my top 10 scenes I would like to see.

10. The Tour

District 11, please. I wanna see the dynamic of Katniss and Peeta and their
compassion and how Katniss tries to covince the people that the end of
their hunger games was all love story, nothing about rebellion. I mean
pretending to be sweethearts but the guy doesn't know the reason for it?
Pure drama material. Shut up and take my money!

9. When Katniss discovers she's going back into the Game

I wanna hear these words from Haymitch
"You could live a thousand lifetimes and still not deserve him"
My crack. Really.

8. Arena Force Field

I wanna see Katniss freaks out. And Peeta's deadpan joke.

7. The Whipping

Because of the heartbreak Peeta would feel seeing the girl he
likes sacrifices herself for another guy. AH THE FEELS

6. Every scene that has Snow and Katniss

Cuz I love me some good ol' fight. Snow threatening Katniss and she in turn
becomes defiant? PURE AWESOMENESS

5. The Wedding Dress

I wanna see it turns into a mockingjay. BURN BABY BURN

6. Haymitch's Quarter Quell

Because I adore Haymitch and it should be pretty awesome
and explain much about his current condition. Oh and Maysilee!

5. Katniss spending time with Peeta

They burn the scene over 9000. Oh and this quote by Peeta,
"I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now, and live in it forever."

4. Peeta gives Katniss the pearl

Cuz cuz Peeta says "I don't want you forgetting how different our circumstances are. 
If you die, and I live, there's no life for me at all back in District Twelve. You're 
my whole life." Peeta says. "I would never be happy again. It's different for you. 
I'm not saying it wouldn't be hard. But there are other people who'd make your life 
worth living."

and Katnis realizes,
 "I realise only one person will be damaged beyond repair if Peeta dies. Me."

3. Finnick Odair

Cuz he's delish. And fantastic too a character. Swoon. Oh, did I mention
a trident. Badass.

2. Johanna Mason

So cool. And terribly strong. Yay! Oh did I mention an axe?
Triple badass.

1. Katniss screams and attacks Haymitch after realising he used her
    and Peeta and left Peeta to Capitol

OMG I can just imagine how Jennifer Lawrence would do this.
It would be fantastic!! Can't Wait!! All the angst and hurt and emo
and mental and grief plus Haymitch's regret.

Can u guess who they are? I think from left, Wiress, Beetee, Enobaria, Johanna Mason, Finnick, Peeta, Katniss, Gale, Plutarch Heavensbee, Haymitch, Chaff and Prim, with Buttercup.


  1. The Hunger Games is amazing! I have already seen it at least eight times. Catching Fire should be great, I cannot wait to see it, I am so excited, even from only seeing the photos!! The picture of Peeta and Katniss (above) is so cute, I just can't wait to see the movie!

  2. OMG... I'm 100000000000000000 % agree with that !!! can't wait


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