Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy 200th Birthday, Pride and Prejudice!!

Yes, it's not too late to say HB to my perhaps most favourite novel and for 
a lot of people too... on 28th Jan 2013, it has been 200 years since P&P has
 graced the readers and for the past 14 years, for me (I started reading when 
I was 19)

So, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

You came to me when I was 19 and was in the cusp of really learning English,
and while Dickens and Stevenson and even Doyle had been my favourite authors,
you came like a breeze of fresh air in a hot, stagnant day. Colin Firth's Darcy is
indeed a thing to behold but Ehle's Lizzie is perfect too... *swoons*

It was a jarring performance as it was too Americanized, but still the spirit is there.
Sir Laurence Olivier still made me swoon as Mr Darcy *heart*

The 2005 film was amazingly beautiful too. My favourite parts were when
 Lizzie twirls around in her swing, symbolically interpreting how her present
life is dizzying with Mr Darcy in it, and that proposal under the rain, oh my,
Mr Darcy all wet and looking at Lizzy so intense I wavered. Really... <3 p="">

Then Bridget Jones' Diary and nobody could say Bridget is not Lizzy, she is,
just a bit less self esteem, but all wonderful, witty, classy, kind and real.
And Firth's Darcy is heavenly awkward and snobbish *kiss kiss* And I will
never forget 'I like you, just the way you are' part. Gets me every time...

As smitten as I am with Darcy, I don't find 'Lost in Austen' compelling because the idea
of putting a Mary Sue in Lizzy's place doesn't work for me, especially when both of
them (Lizzie and Darcy, I mean) were put on the screen together, they're electrifying!!
Gemma Aeterton is a spunky Lizzy, rightfully so, and even when she is accidently
placed in the 21st century, she's a survivor, and I really want to see her in Pemberly
but alas, that is not LIA is for...

And my most favourite quote from the book is this,

‘He is a gentleman and I am a gentleman’s daughter: so far, we are equal.’

when  Lizzy was asked about her 'inferior' station to Darcy by his auntie. Gawd,
Lizzie makes me so proud, even today.

Thank you Jane Austen.

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