Monday, February 4, 2013

The Diary of Lizzie Bennet

Just when I thought I'd had my fill of Pride and Prejudice and I might have passed the
age of swooning over Darcy and Lizzie, then comes The Lizzie Bennet Diary.
It's basically Pride & Prejudice, but this time in the incarnation of a video log,
or vlog, some kind of video diary.

And it is good, cuz they've transported the world of P&P into modern day America
without losing the favour and fervour of that past period. In LBD, Lizzie is in her
final year of Mass Com and the vlog is kinda her thesis.

Also it is quite awesome because we get to see more of Lizzie's interaction and
dynamics with her sisters, and we even get a major fight! I totally relate to this
because I have sisters, just like Lizzie and we blow up like that too..

Like Lizzie, I have two sweet sisters who are demure and never talks bad about
other people, unless provoked, very much like Jane. And I have that sister
that is not unlike Lydia (whaaat) who does whatever she likes and gets away
with it and she never thinks when she says anything. Serious. But she's not a
slut like Lydia though heh.

That leaves me to be Lizzie (I would like that, wouldn't I *wink wink*) But I 
can't judge myself. I do think the similarities between me and Lizzie is that I 
am rational and I think a lot when doing something. There. But I'm not 
precocious as she is so people tend to see me as a stuck-up.

And getting back to LBD, The Men. Gosh they are huge gorgeous specimen
(am I shallow? tsk tsk) I was pleasantly surprised with Bing Lee, a med
student in this incarnation, and Wickham is a swimming coach (gasp)
Even the annoying Mr Collins and the friendly Fitz are cute.
But Darcy, lordy. The hair and dress, not so much, but he grows on you.
When he first appears, eps 61, he is akward and very much, out of place,
but by the time we see him again, he's such a gem, I'd like to wrap him
and bring him home! (btw that applies to every Mr Darcy, like, ever)

Let me end this post with pics of the OTP. I love em both!! They sizzle
like mad on screen!!
Love him in that suit. Looking dapper and Lizzie looking classy in that dress!!

And in this one, Lizzie's so so pretty. Her dress has like this ribbon-like tied and the
colour is gorgeous too !

So go ahead. Watch it :)

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