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OK, so Tamaki Hiroshi and Ueno Juri should like, marry each other NOW, LOL

It started in 2006 when the live action drama of Nodame commenced. Due to the overwhelming popularity, I checked it out and has been hooked ever since. Now it’s 2010, the manga had ended and after 2 Special Episodes that covered the Paris Chapter (Nodame Cantabile New Year's Special in Europe) and 2 movies: The Final Score.

I’ve seen a lot of Japanese dramas, and mostly the dramas that I watched are manga-related (cuz have u seen the ones based on novels? They are mostly for crying duhh) and so far no drama comes close to Nodame’s  Live Action. The actors, story and effects are good. And when the drama world is being barraged by Korean dramas, and Japanese drama is on the way out, a gem like this appeared.
NC tells the story of Noda Megumi, who learns piano at the academy. She falls for a cocky, cold aspiring conductor, Chiaki Shinichi, who actually lives next door to her apartment in Tokyo. He hates her of course, given her antiques and weird behavior, but as people say, love and hate are faces of the same coin. Chiaki is fascinated with Nodame’s extraordinary talent and as he tries to climb the ladder further, Nodame follows suit. Their relationship grows and Chiaki learns, through Nodame, to accept other people’s perfection and imperfections and not be a stuck up fish and Nodame overcomes her fears of entering piano competition and to elevate her talents and stop playing that idiotic fart song of hers. :3
So when Chiaki finally is cured of his phobia of flying and ocean by Nodame (you gotta see this, it was SO FUNNY LOLOL) he finally continues his studies overseas to France, and Nodame  too, since she is offered to study at the Conservatoire de Paris.

Basically about them in Paris, with Chiaki trying to win the prestigious competition for conductors and Nodame making her first, unofficial performance.

PART 1: About Tamaki becoming a conductor to the second’s best Orchestra but because of financial problems and the lack of discipline among the members, the orchestra seems doomed. How will Chiaki manage the orchestra and build his reputation?
PART 2: Nodame fears that Chiaki and she will drift apart since Chiaki has improved by leaps and bounds (plus the same thing happened to Stresseman and the Principal) She pushes herself to give her all in her debut concert with Stresseman but after that she loses the drive to continue because she is afraid she could never top the performance she had given. This of course, creates a rift between Chiaki and her, since Chiaki manages to continue. ..

The story, plot are funny. Nodame is so unique-she’s filthy, unkempt and bizarre. Chiaki is her exact opposite but he opens up for her. His ice cold heart is melted by her enduring and constant hardwork and perseverance.  Tamaki Hiroshi is gorgeous too (though he’s getting thinner and I really dislike it) You should hear Ueno Juri’s voice saying “mukyaaa,” when Nodame’s excited or “gyabo” when she’s bummed-it’s soo endearing <3
I also like classical musics (violin is my favourite) so the art in this series is like a bonus to me. I get to know Gershwin, Rachmaninoff, Razel, Brahms, and other scores. My favourite score is Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2. And if all fails, at least you get to see a story of two beautiful people who complete each other mukyaaa     


The first time she realises she loves him <3

Chiaki is roped in as the conductor of S-Oke by Nodame


Nodame pretends to be Chiaki's wife in front of Son Rui, her contender in music and in love(or so she thought)

it's Chiaki vs Marlet-Oke Concertmaster

the couple looking serious
and this is when they are goofing around (well, Nodame for most of the time LOL)
Chiaki understands Nodame's inner turmoil
Nodame asking her teacher to let her go for competitions, but is rejected


the baka trio is back! Mine and Masumi visits Nodame in Paris

Kuroki and Tanya: So Much In Love

Mine and Kiyora: Love Across the Ocean

Chiaki spends nights teaching Nodame

Nodame's magnum opus with Maestro Stresseman, notice the brilliant purple dress!

Chiaki misses Nodame's harassment ROFL

She is confused no more *fireworks*

p/s: I've always wanted Tamaki Hiroshi to end up with Ueno Juri because you should
see the way he looks at her in the drama and movies, especially in the drama specials.
Or he is a very good actor *.*  ok, since Nodame is finished, can we have them act
together again? *is shot*

I like how he looked in the drama series better because he was not as thin as now :(

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