Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Librarians Annual Dinner 2010

Alhamdulillah, today we just had our 2010 Librarians Dinner at Jogoya Restaurant, Starhill. Though we faced a bit of traffic, it was soothing when we had our dinner running smoothly and deliciously. Jogoya Restaurant is a famous restaurant in one of the Starhill shop lots and it offers a variety of food of Japanese, Chinese and Western cuisines. There are so many of them it’s impossible to count! (Something I learned when dealing with the management-they don’t even know how much food they prepared everyday!) It was situated on the second floor from the top but you could find it easily if you take the life straight to the floor-the catch is, every floor in Starhill is not numbered, but named! Mindboggling, I daresay but I kinda like it because I’m a language teacher and I am clumsy with numbers. So my passwords are mostly words, never numbers LOL . Back to Starhill, I remembered the bottom floor is named FEAST, the floor from the lobby of the JW Marriot is named INDULGENCE, and the top most floor is called MUSE. Pretty awesome aye!
                In Jogoya, the spread of food was badass awesome. There were so many kinds of sashimi and sushi, and everything you’ve ever seen in a Japanese drama is there (I GET TO EAT OOTORO I think, which is like the most expensive sashimi ever!). In simple words, SUGOIII! :3 The Chinese dishes were cool too. I had sea cucumber, a variety of dim sum, etc. There were also snails and other exotically named food that begged to be forgotten. The bbq section was more towards Japanese. I got to eat my favourite smoked unagi(eel) and other usual bbq meat. The western section offers everything like pasta, risotto, jacket potato and everything you could bake with cheese. They take special orders too like lamb chop and grilled fish. The dory fish and the Boston grilled fish were succulently mouth watering. And then there was the sweet and desert section-they offered cakes to jellies to mocha and muffins and cookies! I’ll never forget the taste of sweet strawberry mochi-there’s nothing like it ever! And the ice cream section was to die for! They offer, get this-HAGEN DAAZ! I ate chocolate, Belgian chocolate, coffee, dark chocolate, green tea, choc chip flavours! Incorrigible, ain’t it?
the girls queing before entering

Kak Milah sonyum :)

those naughties form 4s

ice cream and pasta

around the table

smile:  )

Prawn fried rice+chicken stir fried

from the BBQ Section

my sis's choice

lamb with mashed potato

Boston Grilled Fish

Coated Prawns

Pn Zu and Pn Norsham were the VIPs

mochi of 3 flavors, a coconut jelly and mint cake



Starhill from inside the elevator

LV-the bags here are priced more than my annual income @.@

sashimi and sushi!

             We started at 6.15pm and went home at 9.30pm. Jogoya usually allocates 2 hours per customer, but we got 4 hours-oh happiness indeed XXPPP.
In conclusion, I was glad we went there. At first I was hesitant but now I find is a memory worth treasuring <3

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