Thursday, November 4, 2010

Malam Gemala Puteri 2010

aka Form Five Farewell Dinner. This year we had it different than the past years cuz we had it in Renaissance Hotel at Jln Ampang/Sultan Ismail, and the VIP was Kebawah Duli Sultan Pahang..
with Shin Yi

the tablemates

The entertainers were Haiza, Erema, and Eja Bintang RTM-I dunno, don't ask me who they are

Tuanku Sultan singing 'My Way' XD

The gorgeous gift

All the form 5 students joined Tuanku on stage singing a list of songs like Joget Pahang, Yale Yale, I will Survive and a dangdut song by Haiza LOL

Puan Pengetua singing Yale Yale (what's that eh?)

the programme book

cute as a button Narini

Gorgeous Kak Zura and Kak Aliah in stunning baju kurungs

view from my table

The menu

Adress the king wisely-patik pacal-pacal sekelian ^^;

Kak Nil aka Dr Nil Farakh :D

Bad ass magnifique chandelier

what to sing when celebrating the king's birthday

English version LOL

Not clear but the king was going to cut his birthday cake

School present: a portrait of the king :DD        

The pics were not that good and clear cuz I used my hp instead of my cam.
The event started at 8.00pm and ended at 12.30am and I got lost on my
way to the hotel bummer >>


  1. OH-EM-GE!
    GRAND GILAAAAAAAAA!!! i hope you really enjoy the night eventho i cant imagine what kind of things u and the sch have gone thru to make that night happen.. for sure looks like a BIG success for everybody heeeeeeeeee~ you look AWESOME!! pkai contact lense ka??

  2. the students must be REEEEAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLyyyyy Rich. -.-' gila!! gila!!

  3. bising laa amirah.. pegi maen jauh2 laahh HAHAHA =P

  4. @FLY
    yeah the workload was terrible too, as soon as I arrived home that nite, after praying, I instantly fell asleep when my head touched the pillow. Contacts- i thought you knew :PPP

    I think Sultan Pahang sponsored the event so..-.-;

  5. miss dura nmpk gorgeous without spec.its true


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