Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dancing Under The Rain

Last 2 Fridays, I went to Sunway Giza to appease my curiosity. Spent close to 4 hours 
there and as I was about to leave, it rained. And as people always say, 
“it never rains, it pours” And so I was stuck, within 2 metres from where I parked 
my car because the rain was indeed phenomenal, even for this country.
The wind was mind blowing and the rain was heavy, I was drenched within seconds as
I opened the doorof my car and got in.

Before going into my car, I was amused with a scene I saw by the mall. An English 
woman was shouting ecstatically looking at the heavy rain and she was busily 
snapping pictures of the rain. She kept running towards the rain but she didn’t get 
herself drenched. Maybe it was her self restraint, cuz she had a Chinese friend with
her. The English woman was still young, I guess in her late twenties, so pretty and 
excited. Her friend was trying to stop her but then she desisted.

This particular scene reminded me of the same scene I saw of my two trainee teachers 
back when I was schooling in Science Selangor. Every year we’d get a few 
native speakers as English teachers and in my form 5, we got two lady teachers, 
who were actually at the same age as us-17! But they looked way matured and adult
but very nice and sweet.

Well it happened one day, as they were staying in the dormitories with us, it rained quite 
heavily. Both of them jumped unto the basketball court and danced under the rain. It 
was so much fun, and some students even followed them!
I guess that says a lot about rain and how we actually do not realize that we are 
fortunate to get such heavy rain. I have always run from the rain, but one day,
I wish I could act like them, and dance under the rain..!

 p/s: I have been lazy yes, work has been a pain so... ><

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  1. i jst luv rains...gttin wet...n jumping in muddy waters...whenever its rainy season....this is my ultimate motive....:D


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