Sunday, June 26, 2016

People Say That Cats

Don't love their owners and are plotting the fall of mankinds. Bullocks. I've had them as pets since I was small and have taken that interest again since 2009 and I am convinced that cats are much maligned. In fact, I understand why these accusations come from.
Because dogs are freaking loyal to a fault. Honestly, all those stories about them being abandoned (poor doggie) and abused by their owner and still they wait and love them...

But do cats feel this? Of course they do. It's just that their attachment or loyalty is not like a dog. Doesn't make them less worthy. If u think about it, that's why they have survived for thousands of years. Abandoned or abused or lost, quickly move on and go somewhere there's food to survive. Easy and simple.

Much like humans, every cat is different. Every cat loves and shows it to its owner differently. I used to have multiple cats but work (and horrible bosses) made me not take in new ones after one by one died. To my credit, they didn't die because of neglect. I've spent thousand on hospital bills, more than my own, but I understand the fragility of cats. Now I have only one cat after my Angora cat died.

My cat, Tea, is a tabby male cat, neutered. When I first took him, he was so scared of me, he hid behind the fridge for 2 weeks! But now, he can't bear to part with me. He follows me everywhere when he can. He goes out only when he wants to excrete and comes back right after.

I've noticed that he will go out of the house with me every morning and he will wait for me outside till I return in the evening. On weekends when i lazy around the house, he sits and sleeps by me and doesn't go out at all. I guess he needs me as much as I need him

Right now as I am typing this, he's sleeping by my legs, on the bed. Every time I shift position, he does the same. It's tiring really but I know that he loves me.

So if u think ur cat doesn't love u, it's because u haven't shown or told him enough of your love to him.

I kiss and hug my cat every day b4 going to work and am rewarded with him rolling on the floor every time i return home.

It's nice to be loved.