Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Last Friday till Sunday, the Yearly Perkampungan Intelek for SESERI
was held at ROOM 6 PWTC. The schedule was pretty tight
and it started early in the morining and ends at 10.30 for two consecutive
nights excluding the third day that ended midday.

On Friday, 26th July there were 2 lectures handled by the English
Department, one was for EST and the other was for English Language.
I did not join for EST since I did not teach it this year (YAY!!) so i came
for the afternoon 2.30 session that ended at 4.40PM.

As usual, the lectures were done by Mr Tan Chong Ben, a regular
speaker for the school :)

I don't know how effective this perkampungan would be but
at least the girls got a change of scenario and I hope they would
have gained new insights immensely.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cat Blues

Last nite, I went to an animal hospital in Jln Tun Razak.
My beloved cat, Yoyo had hematuria. I was panicked
and driven by my brother to this hospital.

Yoyo was hospitalized. Then I picked him up today
after school at 3PM. He seemed better and
his urine is back to its normal colour.

Ok, not that I'm not grateful that Yoyo is
recovering but the hospital bill was VERY VERY
EXPENSIVE. I was charged a whopping
RM 500 (or RM 496.50) for
-HOSPITALIZATION-RM100 for 2 unnecessary days
-Tests (urine, blood, sediment)-RM80

My biggest gripe is my cat was given
2 types of tablets-one is ClavamoxTM
and the other is a few of white pills.
I was also given Hill's Prescription Diet,
which is OK actually but I don't think the
pills would cost near RM100!!

And they charged my with hospitalization
though I really, vocally told the vet that it's
unnecessary (I check the net b4 going and
really, they should just give me the meds)

I'm not arguing anybody's creds here but this
is akin to DAYLIGHT ROBBERY. They were
just keeping him, it's not like he's critical
(I know what critical looks like ok cuz
I had a cat who was dying and had to go for
a major surgery) Even the surgery cost me
RM700 for the surgery and 3 days of hospitalization
plus the meds and I mean EVERYTHING.
How come Yoyo's not so serious condition
and I had to pay just a little less than
a do-or-die surgery?

Oh, and the over-the-counter staff were
not friendly too and the service was
not as fast as one would expect from
a very expensive hospital. Heck, they
did not even seperate rooms for
treating cats and dogs. I mean, hullo!!
Are u guys AWARE that Muslims can't
touch dogs?

One thing for sure, the hospital just got
a dissatisfied customer who will
not say anything nice about it. That visit
will my first and last visit too.

Anybody knows a clinic that has good
vet/service and reasonably priced?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Le Couple-Wishes

I felt like listening to 1998 again so I came up with this
lovely song.. hope u guys enjoy it as much as I do :3

I looked in the sky and there I saw a star shining so bright above
I closed my eyes and wished upon the star that I would fine true love
Someone who needed me
Someone to share my life
For a love that would be true
I would wait forever
So...no...matter how long it may be
I will be waiting
One star-brighter than the others
Two Hearts-beating for each other
I believe wishes really come true
Love at first sight I knew it from the moment when you said hello
I hoped you felt it too, but we both so shy-how was I to know
when you reached for my hand
I knew you were the one
We laughed and talked for hours like I'd known you forever
Like...a...dream or something from a book
True love had found me
One star-brighter than the others
Two Hearts-beating for each other
Noe I see wishes really come true
You just have to dream
Nothing's as bad as it seems
to be...believe me
Someone's waiting for you to try
There in the sky
One star-brighter than the others
Two Hearts-beating for each other
You will see wishes really come true
You can't stop believing-wishes do come true
You gotta believe me (wish on a star) wishes do come true...

Thursday, July 16, 2009


If one reads the article about H1N1, one might wonder, what have
been done to contain it? How serious is it?
The sad thing about this pandemic is that we simply DO NOT CARE, because NOBODY HAS DIED YET. Today, 10 UiTM students were confirmed to be infected. This is sad indeed. It is always, in times of crisis, that the poor and helpless people will suffer, and in this case, students.
"Meanwhile, Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Mohd Ismail Merican said the number of Influenza A(H1N1) cases confirmed in the country was 835 cases that is 562 imported cases and 273 local cases."

How did it become so? 562 imported cases? Why did this
happen? Are the people aware that this is PANDEMIC?
Why did they still wanna go overseas, especially to
places that are infected, and did not protect themeselves
from catching it. And please, if u have fever or cold,
refrain from going public. Yes, we know u have never
gone out from Malaysia but we really don't know
whether the people you meet while shopping
haphazardly in Giant supermarket has it.


There is no vaccine currently that exactly matches the swine flu. aka there is NO REAL CURE for it

2.Making flu vaccine can take three to six months. No decision has been made to order a vaccine against swine flu.

3.Some pandemics kill a few million people globally. The most severe flu pandemic on record was the 1918 Spanish Flu. Researchers estimate it killed about 50 million people around the world.

Personal hygiene measures, such as avoiding people who are coughing or sneezing and frequent hand-washing, may prevent flu infection. Those who aren’t health professionals should avoid contact with sick people. People who get sick with flu symptoms should stay home. Studies have suggested that closing schools, theaters, and canceling gatherings in the early stages of a pandemic can limit its spread. Such measures would likely take place if health officials determine that the virus is spreading quickly enough and is deadly enough to cause a pandemic.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

kimchi jigae

...which translate to 'Kimchi Soup' huhuhu (*___*)

I LOVE KIMCHI. Do you guys know what kimchi is? It's a kind of
pickled cabbage which is almost like staple food for the
Korean people. It's eaten with almost whatever they eat.
It's spicy and tastes good-well, almost everyone in my family
likes it except the 'blue blood' aka I-don't-eat-those-foreign-eww
-what's-this aka my dad, Along, Atih and I have a suspicion that
all the people with Y chromosome in my house abhor it LOL

to make it short, the story is I MADE MY OWN KIMCHI @.@

a clearer view

It was a very tiring night. I bought myself some
napa (or in Malaysia it's Chinese cabbage) and the whole night
was spent on cleaning, cutting and soaking the vegetable in salt
water. The next morning I soaked them again in tap water
and mixed with the ingredients and packed them in a large
plastic container and kept it in the fridge for 1 month.
However, the result was very very good : )

well, then I made Kimchi soup which really is marvellous
(no, I'm not saying that I'm a good cook but this dish is
really nice) My mom loved it and that's something cuz
she's a fussy eater.
OK let's go to on how to cook this simple yet
delicious dish.
-First, you need to sautee some shallots and a lot
of garlic till it smells nice

-Then fried some chicken fillet(that were marinated with
soy sauce and mashed garlic).
-After that, sautee along a plate of kimchi

If you buy this at the store, it would cost about RM 8 per plate
of 100g whereas 1 kg of napa costs only RM 5 bucks.
-When the smell is nice, pour in some chicken broth
and some mushrooms (fresh or dried) and wait
till it boils.
wallah..the dish is ready to be served

it's very easy to make and it's also one of
the healthiest food in the world..! _*)P

1. Anti-cancer Effects and Heavy Metal Detoxification
2. Increasing Immunity & Anti-Cancer Effect
3. Helps Prevent Cardiovascular Disease, Myocardial Infarction and Hardening of the Arteries
4. Slowing Down the Aging Process
5. Diet effect & Prevent overweight

p/s: anybody who wants to taste kimchi or kimchi jigae,
you guys can comet o my house anytime, but do
give me a ring before coming ya :3