Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Last Friday till Sunday, the Yearly Perkampungan Intelek for SESERI
was held at ROOM 6 PWTC. The schedule was pretty tight
and it started early in the morining and ends at 10.30 for two consecutive
nights excluding the third day that ended midday.

On Friday, 26th July there were 2 lectures handled by the English
Department, one was for EST and the other was for English Language.
I did not join for EST since I did not teach it this year (YAY!!) so i came
for the afternoon 2.30 session that ended at 4.40PM.

As usual, the lectures were done by Mr Tan Chong Ben, a regular
speaker for the school :)

I don't know how effective this perkampungan would be but
at least the girls got a change of scenario and I hope they would
have gained new insights immensely.

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