Thursday, July 9, 2009

kimchi jigae

...which translate to 'Kimchi Soup' huhuhu (*___*)

I LOVE KIMCHI. Do you guys know what kimchi is? It's a kind of
pickled cabbage which is almost like staple food for the
Korean people. It's eaten with almost whatever they eat.
It's spicy and tastes good-well, almost everyone in my family
likes it except the 'blue blood' aka I-don't-eat-those-foreign-eww
-what's-this aka my dad, Along, Atih and I have a suspicion that
all the people with Y chromosome in my house abhor it LOL

to make it short, the story is I MADE MY OWN KIMCHI @.@

a clearer view

It was a very tiring night. I bought myself some
napa (or in Malaysia it's Chinese cabbage) and the whole night
was spent on cleaning, cutting and soaking the vegetable in salt
water. The next morning I soaked them again in tap water
and mixed with the ingredients and packed them in a large
plastic container and kept it in the fridge for 1 month.
However, the result was very very good : )

well, then I made Kimchi soup which really is marvellous
(no, I'm not saying that I'm a good cook but this dish is
really nice) My mom loved it and that's something cuz
she's a fussy eater.
OK let's go to on how to cook this simple yet
delicious dish.
-First, you need to sautee some shallots and a lot
of garlic till it smells nice

-Then fried some chicken fillet(that were marinated with
soy sauce and mashed garlic).
-After that, sautee along a plate of kimchi

If you buy this at the store, it would cost about RM 8 per plate
of 100g whereas 1 kg of napa costs only RM 5 bucks.
-When the smell is nice, pour in some chicken broth
and some mushrooms (fresh or dried) and wait
till it boils.
wallah..the dish is ready to be served

it's very easy to make and it's also one of
the healthiest food in the world..! _*)P

1. Anti-cancer Effects and Heavy Metal Detoxification
2. Increasing Immunity & Anti-Cancer Effect
3. Helps Prevent Cardiovascular Disease, Myocardial Infarction and Hardening of the Arteries
4. Slowing Down the Aging Process
5. Diet effect & Prevent overweight

p/s: anybody who wants to taste kimchi or kimchi jigae,
you guys can comet o my house anytime, but do
give me a ring before coming ya :3

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