Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cat Blues

Last nite, I went to an animal hospital in Jln Tun Razak.
My beloved cat, Yoyo had hematuria. I was panicked
and driven by my brother to this hospital.

Yoyo was hospitalized. Then I picked him up today
after school at 3PM. He seemed better and
his urine is back to its normal colour.

Ok, not that I'm not grateful that Yoyo is
recovering but the hospital bill was VERY VERY
EXPENSIVE. I was charged a whopping
RM 500 (or RM 496.50) for
-HOSPITALIZATION-RM100 for 2 unnecessary days
-Tests (urine, blood, sediment)-RM80

My biggest gripe is my cat was given
2 types of tablets-one is ClavamoxTM
and the other is a few of white pills.
I was also given Hill's Prescription Diet,
which is OK actually but I don't think the
pills would cost near RM100!!

And they charged my with hospitalization
though I really, vocally told the vet that it's
unnecessary (I check the net b4 going and
really, they should just give me the meds)

I'm not arguing anybody's creds here but this
is akin to DAYLIGHT ROBBERY. They were
just keeping him, it's not like he's critical
(I know what critical looks like ok cuz
I had a cat who was dying and had to go for
a major surgery) Even the surgery cost me
RM700 for the surgery and 3 days of hospitalization
plus the meds and I mean EVERYTHING.
How come Yoyo's not so serious condition
and I had to pay just a little less than
a do-or-die surgery?

Oh, and the over-the-counter staff were
not friendly too and the service was
not as fast as one would expect from
a very expensive hospital. Heck, they
did not even seperate rooms for
treating cats and dogs. I mean, hullo!!
Are u guys AWARE that Muslims can't
touch dogs?

One thing for sure, the hospital just got
a dissatisfied customer who will
not say anything nice about it. That visit
will my first and last visit too.

Anybody knows a clinic that has good
vet/service and reasonably priced?

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