Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I've been listening non-stop

              Ever since I watched the movie 'Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons' I just can't stop replaying the song at the end of the movie when [SPOILER] Sanzang sets out to the west with his three disciples(And that gorgeous montage of Shu Qi in the midst of the sun) It's an old song too but it sounds so good. No matter what people say about Stephen Chow (google him) I have enjoyed all his movies and found them very much to my taste and I honestly think his sense of music, as in ost, is excellent! Like that song in Kung Fu Hustle, Zhi Yao Wei Ni Huo Yi Tian, so lovely and sentimental.

               Back to JTW: CTD, the song that I liked, particularly, is actually titled 'G Men '75 /Super Orchestra' Yes, it's a theme song for a famous tv drama in Japan back in the 1975. I think the music sounded familiar, maybe I've watched this when I was young (like Akantare wut) Anyway, if you're interested, the vidsong for it is down below