Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shopaholic vs Diary

I MUST ADMIT that I used to love reading chick lit. It's like a reverse of sorts
since I started reading romance books since I was form four. Heck, whn I was
in Form 1, I read literary works like GREAT EXPECTATIONS and A TALE OF TWO CITIES.
And now I read children's books LOL

Ok, so I just finished the movie CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC and given the praises
the book it was based upon got, I felt intrigued and assumed that it would live up to its name
AND genre. However, I barely laugh at all during the whole course of movie and the movie
was DRY. Sigh. Where is the romance?

One thing I definitely like about this is Isla Fisher-she's such a sweet and darling person,
and enjoyable on screen. However nil chemistry with Hugh Dancy ORZ

WHICH reminds me of another movie which was fantastic-
I relate more to Bridget than Rebecca
in the movie. And of course I am PARTIAL to COLIN FIRTH. However Renee and Firth
make a lovely couple. Hugh Grant is a dish too, but in a bas****ly way hoho
I remembered watching Bridget Jones in my undergrads days and it struck me.
Mark Darcy's" I LIKE U JUST THE WAY U ARE" and "That was MY wife, MY heart.."
just killed me-and of course Bridget's BLUE SOUP-Hillarious!!

ok. I'm thinking of watching ATONEMENT but the ending was spoilt

for me..Should I watch?

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