Thursday, October 7, 2010


Men and Women Focus on Different Things
[example: a conversation about Bleach]

my brother: I don't understand why Gin said he doesn't want Rangiku to cry?
Me: cuz he loves her, idiot!
My brother: wha-when?
Me: at earlier episodes, remember they were childhood friends, and when he was caught by Rangiku before he went up the sky with Aizen, even when he could just kill Rangiku easily, Gin let himself be caught.(though he’s waaay more powerful than Rangiku) And when the light from menos covered him, he said to Rangiku,
“I’m sorry, If only you held on a little longer..” That proves it.
My brother: those things happened? Really? I don’t remember a thing
Me: sigh.. ><

[Second Conversation]
Me: IchigoxOrihime pisses me off. I’m more towards IchigoxRukia. What about you?
My Brother: what the hell are you talking about?
Me: I mean, who should end up with Ichigo, Orihime or Rukia?
My Brother: Why must one of them end up with him? They are all just friends..!
Me: They’re not just ‘friends’. Ichigo went through Soul Society for Rukia and Hueco Mundo for Orihime.
He must have feelings for them.
My Brother: Yeah-it’s called FRIENDSHIP
Me: Come on-you want Ichigo to say ‘I Love U’? That’s too direct
My Brother: Yep,what’s romance gotta do with BLEACH. It’s a shounen manga for god’s sake
Me: hmmph

Conclusion: I read BLEACH for the subtleties, interactions and character developments. My brother reads BLEACH for pure action.

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