Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wajah-Wajah Yang Dirindui

This post is dedicated to my English set 5(1)C 2011 who had worked hard,
Class 5E 2011, the COOLEST Clarion class and
the SUPER DUPER AWESOMETASTIC Librarians of 2010-2011 whom I <3 so much!!

            I had fun with u guys last year. Hopefully, you will get everything and anything
you've ever wished in your life. Love you guys and hope for the best for tomorrow's
SPM result. If it's not as you expected, then maybe it's still not the time that Allah
wants to give you. If you get what you want, then give praises too Allah and His Prophet,
say thank you to your parents and teachers and be happy but not too happy :-)
Regardless what you get, do come to see me!

 p/s: I don't have any pics of 5E and librarians, sorry :(


we're all calm, rational people rite?