Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Blaming Game

Here we go again. My response to the article-

1.  Numbskull :(
2. Please look into the exams and how it is marked. It’s 90% grammar. 
   Only if the paper survives the red pen only then it will go into the 
   A (42 ABOVE FROM 50) band. Nothing inside matters. As long as
   the grammar is perfect.
3. I tried to make Eng fun by using LCD, youtube and making it 
   interactive. The problems I face-the lack of facilities, and then the
   no-support from the higher ups. They don’t allow me to teach 
   anything else than exam things to Form 5 and for Form 4 I have to 
   instill the correct way to answer the exam paper. SUCKS
4. Frickin Exams. Every  2 months-March, May, Aug, Oct. June is a 
  hols. Where’s the time to study and get plenty of exposure?
5. Apparently, if you don’t sound like the Queen, your Eng is no good. HUH?
6. I am a TESL graduate. We focus on COMMUNICATING. 
   Schools and exams focus on GRAMMAR/STRUCTURE. See the clash? 
   See why we Eng teachers are seen as impotent?

I like this article though I think the text book is blameless.


  1. yes I can see your point :) this exam-based learning isn't going nowhere imho..most student still can't communicate in English. since when learning a language become such a stressful burden..

  2. Exactly, rite? They power-that-be should go down to schools and personally ask the teachers.. especially we teachers who are deemed 'unworthy' or 'terrible' lol :)


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