Friday, September 25, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya everyone!!!

I have been meaning to do this post quite rightly before
Hari Raya but alas we cats had so many things to do
when Hari Raya is coming what with the house and the
food etc etc :)

And not to forget the school work that we carried home
that is my bane during hari raya this year. Why did I not
finish it before hr? well, if i want to have a dirty and
umpleasent house during hr maybe i could but we cats
would love a lovely house for hr lol lol lol

so this week i only visited my grandma's home
and spent some quality time with my family besides
entertaining the guests and also my exam papers..
in fact i'm writing this because i could not fall
asleep after finishing my stack of paper 2 at 3.30am
today. Maybe after this I will..

Oh, i have 2 more classes to go, 50 papers of
paper2 English waiting to make my hr dry
and making my nights sleepless and depriving
my skin from the much needed rest..

tata guys n see ya l8t3r

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