Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Love That Transcends Time and Dimensions

The manga is finally over. After 6 years and 28 volumes,
CLAMP finally pullsthe curtains on Tsubasa RESERVoiR
CHRoNiCLE. To the uninitiated, the manga is about
Syaoran, an archeologist, who travels through dimension
and time in search of his childhood friend's Feathers of
Memories. Without those feathers, Sakura not only loses
her memories, but also her life. So he has to go across
time and dimensions and uncover the secret and
conspiracy that lies hidden behind the scattering of feathers..

CLAMP is my most favourite mangaka (comic artist in
Japanese) ever since I watched CardCaptor Sakura .
CCS fascinated me and a lot of people too till today.
And to those who are close to me would know that I really,
really love a character in CCS that caused me to read
Tsubasa and to want to name my son with his name
LOL LOL LOL. That character is of course

I can't really pinpoint my obsession with him but hey I know
men-MEN, okay who have huge obsession/crush/admiration
towards him so mine is justified really. What I love most
about Syaoran Li is that he is a cool, rational, logical Tsundere.
Like most love stories, he was at first indifferent towards
Sakura Kinamoto whom he saw as his rival in gathering the
cards. But as they got to know each other, he begins to
admire Sakura's sincerity and determination, not to mention
her kindness. He understands her and helps her all
the way till Sakura manages to gather all the cards. They
seperate when he goes back to HK (they were 10)
but they reunite (they are 16) when he returned to Japan
permanently to be with her AWW...

anyway, going back to Tsubasa Chronicle, midway
of the story was draggy and the end left many
questions unanswered (which I have a feeling that
xxxhOLic will cover) but at least Syaoran managed
to say I LOVE YOU to Sakura.
HE IS THE MAN in Tsubasa and CCS YEAH!

I just love the ending parallelism:
-Both had Syaoran saying ILU first
-Both had Sakura reciprocating
-Both had the couples seperated;
Syaoran Li had to go back to HK and
Syaoran TRC had to continue his journey
-Both couples promised to see each other
again and they willwait for each other
-Sakura and Syaoran of CSS were reunited
and Syaoran and Sakura
of TRC were sure they will be reunited

ok, i would to spam this post with lotsa great pics of the
couple but I RESIST!!

I'll go b4 i bore u *wink wink*

(sorry can't help it)

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