Friday, March 25, 2011

The eSses

    In my old school, STAR, for English, we would 
have 4 sets and each set is named according to the 
alphabets in the word 'star'. I taught the S set, so
one day, I told the monitor,
Me       : Monitor, get my set in here (media room)
Monitor: Which set teacher, S or R?
Me       : Who else, the eSses... oh, wait mwahahaha XDD
Monitor: Teacher...! -_-;

Good times good times ^^

p/s: sometimes, when I was furious at them, I would
shout, " You eSses...!" but it's funny really, and I 
couldn't help but to laugh  :D

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  1. hahahahahahahahahahaha nasibbb laaa seseri tade name set camtu! XD


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