Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Initially I wanted to make a post bashing VK but then I regressed. I’ve stopped reading VK since the lead is  Kaname Kuran not Zero anymore hmmph.. but that’s a different story :)
So I shall rave about the mangas I’m reading, esp about what I like most about them

First up is SKIP BEAT!

OMG NOSEBLEED! Ren was undergoing an inner turmoil that he could not possibly tell anyone, not even the love of his life, Kyoko. So much so, due to being overwork and stressed, he collapsed at his trailer and Kyoko, being the dense that she is, asks if she could do anything for him. And he requests for HER LAP D’AAWWWW…!

Next is Gakuen Alice!

When Mikan was feeling scared and worried because her Tsubasa sempai (her senior who always takes care of her) disappeared during a dangerous mission, who else but Natsume appeared on her window (it's like Romeo and Juliet!) and the HUGGED her because he knew she was crying. But then Mikan said that she was crying more so because she knew how worried Natsume was, and she because Natsume couldn’t cry (yeah, he’s cool like that) she was crying for him OMG FML I wanna love like them!!!! :3

After that  we have Vampire Knight!

There’s something wrong with the whole manga when the best moment is not with the two leads, but of siblings lol (or maybe it’s just me ORZ)  I REALLY REALLY LOVE THIS DRAWING WITH THOUSANDS  FIERY PASSION. Zero visits his twin’s grave and feeling lonely and more inhuman than ever, he lies down on the grave calling him. I cried again. This manga made me cry only when Ichiru died and then again in this one. I mean, pity Zero. He has no one left. His only family, Ichiru is gone and the woman that he loves vows to kill him and him of her, he’s losing his humanity as day passes by, and to live in this wretched world just waiting to lose sanity is… crushing. My heart bleeds for Zero so much that I decided to stop reading VK and just read chapter summaries (and yes, almost all of them is about Kaname bla bla) :(

Followed by Kekkaishi (Barrier-Masters)

This one made me adore Kekkaishi as it is. Tokine reminisces the conversation she had with her deceased father. The little she insisted on following her dad to help him. Her dad of course stopped her by telling her that  ‘he loves her’ in a very touching-teasing way. He calls her nearer, claiming to want to tell her a secret but on her ear he says ‘I love you’ D’AAWWW… You know what? After that, I did this to ALL my sisters and brothers and they hated me for it HAHAHA XDDD Oh just you wait till I have a kid :3


I started HOLiC solely because of this: the dynamic between Doumeki and Watanuki. When Watanuki was pulled into the ‘other’ dimension and he couldn’t find a way out, a ribbon falls for him. He tugs it and comes out of the dimension. It turns out Doumeki was holding to the other side of the ribbon, and had been standing IN the rain for 10 hours. Amazing feat of friendship. Apparently  for a few hours, he had been clawing the ground where Watanuki suddenly disappeared. CLAMP is good, if you know what I mean. Wait till you find out the secret behind Watanuki’s identity.  So far, of all the mangaka, CLAMP is the MASTER OF STORY TWIST…

FULL METAL PANIC! More romance than shoujo? BE.LI.EVE. IT.


  1. this is the first time someone actually dedicated a post for me. I went durrrrr.. HAHA

    Anyway I love 2 out of your manga choice! of course xxxHolic and Vampire Knight. Me don't like Skip Beat too lengthy tihihihi I see your choice of manga has never changed since Seseri, avid fan congratzzz!

    I absolutely can't wait for your Full Metal Panic Review! You intoduced me to it during Form 4, and I couldn't stop reading all volumes and edition ever since! ;)

  2. Yes. Since I did promised you, no :))

    Yeah, Skip Beat is tooo long.. sometimes I don't know how i survived it lolol

    Welcome to FMP Club!!! btw, did you read manga or novels? Do you know that it has ended? :DD

  3. Yes I knowwwwwwwwww... The ending was so sweet! Anyway thanks Miss Dura ;)


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