Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Because I can’t be what I want to be

This is a shortened version of an entry in Paul Coelho's blog

“Why do you live in the desert?”

“Because I can’t be what I want to be."

“Your problem isn’t trying to be who you are, but trying to be accepted by everybody in the way you think you should be accepted” said the gentleman, walking off.

“And acting in this way, it’s better to stay in the desert.”


  1. humhum...what do you think bout this, teacher?

    some people would say "just be yourself" but the problem is, people of surrounding just cant accept you for being yourself.

    do we have to change ourselves, just to adapt to surrounding? isnt that means we are actually being hypocrite?how is there any fun of being hypocrite when we are just playing act?soon we'll get tired.

    or,just be who we are,and just stay strong regardless how many people of surrounding hate us?

    because sometimes the situation is like this: when you are at A, people there love you for who you are. but you go to B, people in B dont like you.and, you have to stay in B,due to some reasons. then what would you do?

    i wonder...

  2. Yes, that's the problem. Some people don't understand and accept other people's differences. If only they do, for a while, be in the other person's shoe, and consider their situation, these problems won't crop out.

    That's why I posted this. I'm tired actually of all these things thrown at me, changing my core and values and I feel depreciated.

    As for the A going to B, if A wants to survive, he'll have to adapt. That's why I detest people calling other people hypocrites. We all ARE.


we're all calm, rational people rite?