Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Full Metal Panic! Shoujo Version I

Are you disillusioned with every shoujo manga you read because 
they either
A- portray desperate love aka ‘nobody wants me but 
     EVERYBODY wants HIM’
B- pure love aka OMG I have cancer! And will die well 
     everybody dies
C- I’m sorry, but we are SIBLINGS!   
     Incestuous relationship is disgusting eww..
D- I’ll help you out with one condition-you MUST NEVER 
     fall in love with ME!  lol'ed

Then welcome to my world. How about you change your titles
and move to this?


But OMG I hate mecha. I just wanna love story. Boy meets 
girl, falls in love, love obstacles, tears, heartbreak, humour, 
separation, destiny…

OMG dahlings… it has ALL that you state above, 
complete with the most romantic scenes one can 
ever imagine

Now, THE MECHA HATE. Why? It’s not like you H

Just get the gist that this machine is very powerful and 
it beats that other machine and la di da di da it’s done.

I was EXACTLY like you when people tol me to watch 
FMP. But I shudder now to think if I had not taken that 
advice, what I’d missed!

OK, lemme give you the 
Kaname is colored with blue hair unlike in books, she has black

            Ok, there’s a girl named Kaname Chidori who 
goes to Jindai High. She seems like ay normal high school 
student, except, she’s gifted in subjects like physics and 
mathematics. She’s also a bijin to boot; with her long 
black tresses that reaches her slender waist and her
sweet smile. However, she is independent and perhaps 
too strong (opiniated) for some.

Notice Sousuke has an 'X' mark on his left cheek

            One day, a military freak transfers into her class, 
and this gorgeous boy, starts stalking her in class and 
at the gym. He even follows her home. His name is 
Sousuke Sagara. The problem is, he denies of following 
her. Now this boy is tip top condition but he’s so 
clueless in everything. He has no social skills and sees
nearly every situation in a military light. He assumes
  the worst in everything and is overly cautious. 
Kaname had to distract him by making him the person 
in charge of the garbage when they go for their field trip 
to Okinawa.
            During this trip, the plane was hijacked by 
terrorists and they took Kaname as hostage. Sousuke 
comes to her rescue and reveals that he is actually a
mercenary with an organization named Mithril, and he 
is assigned to protect The Whispereds, people who 
are endowed with abilities to manipulate 
The Black Technology, a technology so advanced it 
could only come from outerspace! Kaname is 
one of The Whispereds, and when she comes close
to the technology, she could hear ‘whispers’ telling 
her how to operate the technology. Sousuke is a 
part of the SRT-Special Response Team-which is 
a group of elite soldiers with the highest assault 
skills and capable of operating the Arm Slave, 
a huge mechanical robot (like Transformer, kapeesh?) 
Being a Japanese descent and of the same age with
Kaname made him chosen to protect Kaname.
Kaname had to hug him to make him understand that Kaname wants him to be alive too d'aww

Sousuke softens and the Pervy Kurtz announces that he could see everything lol

         After the escape from the plane, they 
(Sousuke and his partner+bestfriend, Kurz Weber) 
tried to save Kaname by sacrificing themselves as long a
s the mission is complete but Kaname wouldn’t 
allow it and ask Sousuke to think of a way so that 
ALL THREE of them would be saved. This indeed
baffles Sousuke because he sees everything in 
military light, and to him life and death are 
just normal consequences.

At the end of this story arc, Sousuke gets his hand 
on the Arbalest, an arm slave equipped with 
Black Technology and with Kaname’s instructions 
(her Whispered knowledge activates) manages to 
beat the enemy. Kanames recovers in the hospital, 
and finds out that Sousuke is still assigned to protect her
in Tokyo…
 And so school life resumes in Jindai High...but more chaotic
because apparently the military freak tests EVERYTHING by 
EXPLODING IT. The only way for Kaname to handle him is
to smack him into oblivion with her harisen (paper fan) lololol



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