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Movie Review: Kimi Ni Todoke (Reaching You)

Remember that post I made about generic shoujo?
Yeah, pretty much almost all shoujo manga carry some cliché
But very good ones carry themselves well. I for one abhor repetition
But if all the cliché are used and combined in a nice and unboring way
The result would be fantastic, yes?

Kimi Ni Todoke made a splash last year, and so I thought ‘no harm
done, rite’ if I watch the movie. I’ve read the synopsis and it was
pretty ordinary shoujo plot. It has the
  • popular boy who everybody wants
  • ordinary, boring girl who everybody ignores durr
  •  said girl above doesn’t realise her attractiveness
  •  she is also extremely dense to realize the fact that the
           boy carries the torch for her.


                We are introduced to Kuronuma Sawako, who is
known as Sadako because of her appearance-her long black
tresses and her shocking expressions. So she’s ignored by
almost everybody. 
One day she meets Kazehaya Shota and shows him
the way to the school. Her kindness attracts Kazehaya. 

Sawako helps seperate the trash
Although Sawako excludes herself from everyone,
she is helpful, kind and hardworking. Kazehaya notices her
every move and is aware of her inner beauty.

Kazehaya helps Sawako picking up the fallen bicycles
                One day Kazehaya decides to have a Courage Night,
and Sawako joins, just to help in scaring her classmates. She
makes friends with the coolest two girls in school, Yano and
Yano and Yoshida
The last person to ever complete the test would
be punished and it turns out it was  Kazehaya, because he
was searching for Sawaka d’aaww. 

Kazehaya furious!
When they decided that the punishment was to date Sawako, 
Kazehaya is furious as it’s like making fun of her. He apologises 
to her on behalf of the class and it is revealed, 
in his monologue,   
He likes what he sees
A girl's beautiful smile
that he has had a crush on her since the first day he met her ...

I get to sit next to you, yay!!
                When the class seating changes, Kazehaya chooses
to sit next to her, followed by Yano and Yoshida. Sawako was
happy that she finally has people who wants to sit with her.

Girllfriends y'all
Sawako is happy
She becomes closer with Yano and Yoshida and they spend
a lot of time together.

You got anything, b****!
                One day Sawako overhears rumors that people hate
Yano and Yoshida because of her. She distances herself from
them but when she hears some girls dissing Y&Y for enjo kosai
she insists on them to take back what they said. Y&Y upon
hearing the ruckus, jump to her defence and they reconcile.

                Enter Kurumizawa Ume, who has a crush on Kazehaya.
She realizes Kazehaya’s feelings towards Sawako and thus
tries to link Sawako with Ryuu Sanada, Yoshida’s childhood friend.

Favourite scene!
 Kazehaya and Kurumi passes through the hall and Kazehaya sees
the two of them together (a setup by Kurumi) Jealous, he pulls
her away and asks her directly. Sawako explains and the matter
is resolved. 
Bring it on!
However Y&Y sniff the real story is caused by Kurumi
and confronts her. She reveals that she tries to break Sawako and Kazehaya and 
that she pretend to be nice to Sawako so that she could use her.

Meddling twosomes oho ^_^
                Kazehaya then tries to go out with Sawako but it’s very hard
because Sawako is almost always with Y&Y and one day, he braves
himself in asking her out to watch the stars at the planetarium, on
Christmas Night (Japan celebrates Christmas not in the religious
meaning, more like Christmas is spent with those who you love)

planetarium maybe?
When Sawako doesn’t understand, Kazehaya confesses he wants to
be steady with her to Sawako’s surprise, and she rejects him
because of her inferiority complex. 

despair, distraught
                After realizing her mistake Sawako searches for Kazehaya
during the night of the New Year at a matsuri to tell him of her
feelings. Kazehaya was gloomy and then his class teacher, Pin,
gives Sawako’s school pocket book to return to Sawako.

sakura petal-love
Kazehaya opens the pocket book and finds a pressed petal
of Sakura, shaped like a heart. It was the sakura petal given
by him to Sawako upon their first meeting. Kazehaya
understands that Sawako too, has feelings for him.
I gave u my heart
                Sawako returns from the matsuri, failing to meet Kazehaya,
only to be greeted by him outside her house. He intends to
return the  pocketbook, and Sawako confesses her heart <3
all in all happiness
                The last scene was of Sawako and Kazehaya walking
to school together. SCHWEET! <3 <3

                That said, thus I didn’t read the manga and jumped on
the movie. Verdict; I LIKE IT. Why? Hmm… The acting was great!
I could really see Sadako (of The Ring) in Sawako, played by the
ethereal Mikako Tabe and Haruma Miura, gosh. His effervescent
portrayal steals every scene he’s in. I like the continuity, and
the progression of  Sawako’s character. I like that she grows up
and starts valuing her friends and starts opening her heart to
the people around her. And I love the fact that Kazehaya is not
a jerk-he’s almost very mature way beyond his age, and he
respects Sawako, something that’s very rare in shoujo manga
as many main male characters are usually irritatingly too cool
and windy, you know what I mean.
             There's no angst, emo and Yano and Yoshida are like
the coolest girls in school. The class teacher, Pin, is really weird
in a good way and at times, serves as the Cupid. I also love
the subplots of Sawako's dad, and Chizuru's heartbreak.

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