Monday, July 5, 2010

Campus = Fun

Varsity registration usually was a hassle and a waste of time. I remembered going through 3 different registrations, by the time it was finished, so did my energy. This was immediately followed by orientation week, which was, rather than preparing students for the campus life, they gave us hell. I remembered running around campus non-stop and attending so many seminars that would seem unnecessary. Malaysians and their fixation with ceramah..mehh. 

The schedule was already rigid, then the seniors would be pretending like they were the towkeys of the campus. I once fainted in a morning assembly, when I woke up, this one senior accused me of faking it. And saying things like low blood pressure does not affect health. Stupid boy! 

There was this one senior who kept telling me (during orientation he was my fasci) that he was like the best student ever and he had good looks and people kept falling on his feet (what? Are you Orlando Bloom something?) and told me people without looks should just be grateful and study hard. Somehow I ignored his comments but I was sure that he directed it to me.. pfff..Vainpots are always vainpots. 

I remembered during our college dinner later when I was called to the stage to accept a reward for being the best student in the college(I beat 300+ students for it hehehe). I went up, took my rewards and went down and saw his face, looking at me incredulously, as if saying OMG this ugly chick is actually badass! I’m so embarrassed to have even thought of her based on her looks. That nite was the best nite for that year cause I remembered his expression. Till today *grins*:D

Well, the original story was yesterday I went to my brother’s UM registration for first years. He got in telecommunication engineering. We sent him to Kolej Kediaman Pertama in UM. I must say my first experience in UM was good. The registration was all done by students, except one staff on the Health Desk(well you can’t put any John Doe there). It was marvelous. It was breezy, the weather was fine. A lot of parents but they were so happy :) My brother registered by himself (parents can’t help:))) and we were asked to relax at the Parents’ lounge and watch the multimedia presentation. We even had hot tea and some kuih to savour. 

The UM students bodies were everywhere assisting us. And when  the sky turned dark, the parents were reminded to retreat into safer camps. When it started to rain, the student bodies went out with their marvellous yellow umbrellas. We were not allowed to bring our cars up to the rooms but because it rained, we were then allowed to. As the cars parked and people coming out from their cars, the student bodies ran with the umbrellas to shelter the parents and students who did not bring umbrellas. It was truly a sight to behold. 

Oh, and at the main entrance to UM, there were many female undergrads giving out maps and water bottles to cars coming for registration. They were smiling and waving and holding up banners ‘WELCOME TO UM’ ‘WELCOME FIRST YEARS’ . I was impressed because I thought this kind of reception only happened in developed nations. Needless to say, I think UM is a pretty cool place as I like what the student bodies had prepared for us. Compared to my own varsity registration which took 4 hours just queing and doing tedious documents, yesterday's registration was like a breath of fresh air. Oh how I miss campus life! <:p

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