Monday, June 28, 2010

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Bad Guy

-This drama gives me the "I'm sorry I love you" vibe. The So Ji Sob kinda character in here is played Kim Nam Gil
-I like the heroin too, the ever adorable Han Ga In (Witch Yoo Hee)
-The story is about a guy who is bent on wreaking destruction to a chaebol family who destroyed his life and family. On his way he meets a decent girl who thinks he is a chaebol's son
-watched only 3 first eps, the story is ok, gotta see more to really like it but the theme song, Thornflower is like, heavenly <3<3

 Coffee House

-Don't be fooled, it's not about a coffee house nor its occupants. It's about a quirky writer who hires a no-good girl to be his assistant to do NOTHING (If you considered sharpening pencils and making coffee that'll be thrown later a job)
-The ever gorgeous please-marry-me-if you're-still-single Kang Ji Hwan play Lee Jin Soo, the writer. Han Eun Jung plays his assistant whom he bullies as he pleases and Park Si Yeon is his book company's director.
-will there be romance? Hope so, this drama is going NOWHERE and is testing my patience. Only Kang Ji Hwan's presence stops me from abandoning ship, but then I could do much worse sigh
-Song? what song? A semblence of plot would do..^^;

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