Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today I had the pleasure of watching The Prince of Persia. It was fun and ok. Not the greatest movie ever but not that bad either. However certain things put me off:


-The ignorant stereotype that Islam just cuts off thieves' hands after they steal. duhhhh

-I thought Persians were worshipper of fire. But it seems like Dastan is a muslim and Tahmina is a priestess of unknown deity.

-Persians were depicted to be almost savage, when we all know we must not generalize the whole community
-WTH is with the ostrich race? I cringed to see them running in a race, mocking the animals
-Gyllenhaal is well, NOT Persian
-Aeterton is underutilize. She was way did better in 'Lost in Austen'

-breathtaking scenery and many action screens
-characters are likable
-LOVE the romance-bickering between Dastan and Tahmina

*off to read fanfic about both of them*

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