Tuesday, June 1, 2010

If I were the rain

moshi watashi ga ame datta nara

sore ga eien ni majiwaru koto no nai

sora to daichi o tsunagitomeru you ni

dareka no kokoro o tsunagi tomeru koto ga dekita darou ka

If I were the rain
could I connect with someone's heart
just as the rain unite
the eternally seperated earth and sky?

Bleach Volume 3

one of my favourite poem from the Bleach manga itself,
even though the character description was for Orihime,
this is most apt for Rukia really. Because Kaien-dono's shikai
release says "suiten sakamake" which means 'uncoil, the sea and sky"
so I guess Rukia is attributing her sadness of losing him
with this poem. Neat. I just love Bleach wohoo ^^

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