Tuesday, July 27, 2010


How does one define civilization? Is it with the buildings and structures that people build, or the amount of money that flows between people or that the people are all very up-to-date, trendy? Most people think that a country that has no twin towers, a crooked bridge or highways as far as the eye can see are ‘not there’ yet. However, these physical evidences are just not what define civilization.

I remembered when I was 18, I attended a lecture by Dr Sulaiman Nordin. He was the one who explained that people were often misled into thinking that to be civilized we must have big tall buildings-“peradaban sesuatu tamadun itu bukanlah dicapai berdasarkan lanskap, nah negaraku punya bangunan-bangunan tinggi, kami punya pusat membeli belah terpanjang, tapi ia diterajui oleh peradaban budaya bangsa itu sendiri”

Which means, a civilization, or in the present context are developed nations, are nations or countries that have highest level of wealth of knowledge and intelligence and highest degree of ethics. Not by having more money or physical structures, a civilization is measured through how the people live, are they good neighbours, well behave and understanding, highly educated, sensible and rationale.

Now tell me, are we a developed nation?

When we go to pasar malam, we see mothers telling children to just throw the rubbish on the ground cause “there’ll be cleaners to clean them later”

When we see dogs, which are harmless, the children throw stones or try to kill them

When we see a child being kicked by his parents, we keep quiet

When we go to the libraries, they are empty and the books are collecting dust

When we board a bus, not only no one gives seats to the disabled or elderly, we don’t do nothing in our seat but to stare at nothing

Another question,

How is Singapore, who has no twin towers, bridges, natural resources is a developed nation? Don’t you ever wonder why our country, so rich in everything God could give us (except cooler weather darn it’s soo hot) is still lagging behind?

Read about GDP and HDI


  1. *nodding* true enough miss dura.. im now trying my best to make the world im living a better place.. it wont be enough but thats the least i can do.. hmmmm despite all the courtesy above, crime is smthg that worsen evry single day.. tc of urslef oke miss dura =] love ya!

  2. Love you too FLY~ Let's make the world a better place :D


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