Tuesday, February 9, 2010


After almost a month, I finally got to it.
It was a very busy and hectic month, 
what not with the school schedule and 
my-not-so-well condition.

Today I was in school, and after 3 consecutive periods, I thought I would finally get some time to put my feet up. Right.. My phone rang and a sweet voice over it asked me why I didn't go to the meeting of GPM (Guru Perpustakaan dan Media) that is held annually and much like agrand function to congregate those hundreds of GPMs from all over KL only to be treated to bad food and apparently slashed budget! Okay I'm going off topic but what's with that?
Ok, so I was naturally shocked cuz I got the letter and it was dated tomorrow. Apparently the letter was dated today but next to the stated date there is a bracket that stated (Rabu). So, the accepting me put it in my brain that it would be on tomorrow when the date is actually 9th Feb. So, because it was not ENTIRELY my fault, they didn't, like, fume at me, but instead asked me to leave for the venue pronto. So I went-the tired me, who didn't get enough rest due to stupid irrational meetings on monday to the venue. When I arrived, pretty much the morning sessions were over and I was called to 'move my car cuz i parked at unreasonable space' DARN...
So I went home at 5pm and arrived home at 5.36 pm something..poor me.
Oh, what I'd give to stay at home tomorrow..


  1. ohh poor you miss dura.. chill k..
    miss you~ <333

  2. aha :) chillin out! miss you too Farah (rite?) ^^;


we're all calm, rational people rite?