Thursday, February 11, 2010

People don't read that much, they'll just blow up!

I just remembered something. Remember my last post about the GPM meeting? Well, it was an okay event-meaning it's ok if I go and it's also ok if I don't go. Much like the requisite thursdays staff meetings that pretty much has no big impact just because it is done too often.

Well, back to my story. There's a session in that GPM meeting about NILAM and the speaker apparently related to us her(if I remember correctly) view that "Students don't read hundreds of books, they can't "

I was shocked upon hearing this because in my school there are students who did read like, hundreds and there's one girl who has read over 1,000 books and she was awarded by the Education Department in Perak. I have her certs proving that. Maybe that's why when I sent her name to be a candidate for NILAM negeri, we did not get any reply. Bah Hambug!

Besides, it's not that she read those thousands book in one year- it was done in the course of 3 years. Let say she reads 1 book per day 365x 3=1095. Now, is 1,000 so unfeasible? What if she reads only those thin 180-200 pages of storybooks, of course she could finish it in one day!

And le me reveal a bit about myself. When I was in ITM( the former name of UiTM), my English was not very good-given my background. But I love literature and storybooks. Everyday, without fail, I would go to the library in section 17 and borrow one storybook. I was a fast reader. So fast I could a contemporary/romance/fiction novel that was as thick as 1,000 pages at one night and one sitting. By the end of my two years in section 17, I had practically read all the novels and books, minus those science reference books that I could not understand even when I tried (yes, I did try).
And reading has made me become so much more-I improved in my studies tremendously and I'm practically a walking dictionary for my friends, even till today, after 8 years of graduating( I STILL get sms from friends asking about the meaning/antonyms of certain words)

My point is,people CAN and DO read that much, and they are much improved because of that. Reading liberates and conquers. And don't underestimate the school children because they are wonderful identities with unexplored possibilities and unleashed potentials..

In Libris Libertas

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