Saturday, February 20, 2010

Teachers and Nasi Bungkus

Nasi bungkus. I love nasi bungkus. Nothing is more
delicious than having all the right and rich delicacies
wrapped together. With infused aroma and the mashing
of kuah, it becomes apparent why Malaysia is a food 
heaven and why my waistline keeps expanding duh 

Now if you've read newspaper lately, there's a debacle
that teachers who went on courses are given nasi bungkus
as opposed to ala carte/or buffet. And according to reports,
NUTP is concerned about this. It is as if teachers are
substandard government officers.

Honestly, I don't know what they serve the other government 
officers because I never went to that territory. But I heard the 
budget allocated this year for education ministry is so bad that
there are teachers who have to buy their own food instead of
even nasi bungkus when they go for courses!

Some people say we(teachers) are ungrateful. When people out
there are suffering from  unemployment, retrenchement,
no bonuses bla bla bla...teachers are complaining even when they
are given free food... teachers should understand and serve serve
serve serve serve serve lol

As a teacher who experienced this, I say, yes, it's terrible.
We got nasi, a piece of chicken and one veggie dish.
But it's not much different than the buffet or ala-carte. Please,
don't imagine when they say buffet or ala-carte for teachers it 
means we got like 9 dishes of meat to choose from. NEVER.
Buffet usually means rice, 1 piece of chicken and 1 piece of
fish, 1 veggie dish, condiments(like budu/cincalok/belacan)
ulam and some cheap colourful fruit( usually the cheapest
like watermelons and papayas. NEVER apples/pears/bananas
kiwis/peach/grapes lol)

Now, are we still a demanding lot? Isn't that what the teachers 
eat at the school canteen? And when we go  for a course, which
is so far, with no claim on travelling expenses, we expect good or 
standard food at least. We left the school with so many unfinished 
work because of the course and we will have to make up and find 
time to do it all, and still they give us substandard food. And 
EVERBODY KNOWS that teachers are paid dirt cheap salary.

Plus, WE DO EAT nasi bungkus a lot. It's just that we have not been
complaining. I've gone to HKSBP 5 times and 5 times for the
northern zone and everytime we get nasi bungkus. That's not
counting other events that I couldn't remember because it's not a big
deal. But giving us that substandard food during courses is bad.

Heck, anything substandard is bad. Period. Would you like
substandard teaching from us?

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