Saturday, June 27, 2009


Forgive my absence from blogging thses past few days.
It was very busy in school, what's with the marking, remarking,
the trip and duties as the library teacher in school.
But today's post is dedicated sole for the nicest (and most
tiring) 3 days spent in Penang.

Here is actually the pic we took with the very
sweet Syed Syeh's librarians. No other pictures available
because there were no other pics :p
Actually I brought my camera but after we visited
SMSTSSS (the back of their bus was written SOKSEK)
I left my cam in the bus at Bukit Bendera, and
there was an upset in Queensbay Mall, so I didn't
take pictures and the next day we returned to school.
Okay, I'm no photograph savy but circumstances
forced me to not be able to shoot pics.

-nice places, cheap hotels
-a lot of attractions to visit
-white sandy beach
-Pasar Chowrasta
-Nasi Kandar
-cheap food, if not cheap, they'd give u abundance of it

It was nice. I definitely wanna visit Penang again.

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