Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I was absent for a few days because I went home to my mom's
house in Seremban. Nothing much happened, only 4 days of
sinful laziness 8D. You see, I always feel like a kid going home
cuz a mother often treats her child that way, and since none
of my siblings is married yet maybe it feels like a school holidays LOL

Well on the topic of nostalgia, I got a pretty interesting email
from my TESL friends and there were these array of awesome
pictures that pretty much encapsulate my childhood years which
is 1985-1991 (which I know, a majority of my students are not born yet )
I'll pick up some of the interesting ones

you're not a kid if u never played with balloons. This small tube
of fun will produce some shiny liquid which you then put on the
tiny straw but you'd have to stick it there and make it spherical
using our tongue, if not the balloon would not come out nicely.
How did it taste? emm..plastiqueky?? Small tubes but loads of
fun. I would spent hours in the afternoon blowing them ;))

A requirement item in school. We had drawing lessons like
once per weekand this panda brand water colours was
really really famous. Everyone in class had them, original
or imitations. Works best when used for making motifs-
you know the art where you carve a star from a surface of
a potato or something creative from let's say a flat surface
of a banana tree shoots, and you colour em
and stamp on the drawing paper. Good times good times :P

I didn't have this because only boys used this. It's a plastic
pencil case with cardboards inserted on the sides. It was
pretty cool for them to use it-I don't know wby but my Along
used it til like when he went to high school. Is it the picture?
who is that?

Yes, we also watched TV. And TV was still new to Malaysia.
I still remember the year TV3 was launched-I was 6 at that
time and it was a pretty much a big event then. BTW we
watched a staple of entertainment from Japan like Satria
Baja Hitam, Ultraman and Gaban. The pic above is perhaps

A luxury item for during childhood were these fruity colorful
erasers (we call em rubbers lol) Each was priced at 30 cents
( 30 cents was pretty big. I could get a glass of cold syrup for
10 cents, and a plate of meehoon or nasi lemak for 30 cents)

so enough nostalgia for today. maybe will do another post l8ter

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