Tuesday, December 10, 2013

So Vampire Knight ended..

Ugh. That sums up what I feel about this manga. And I had so much hope. Obviously something went wrong somewhere. I, the fickle that I am, has abandoned this like, erm, ages since it turned into something like pandering to the fans. Oh ya, it ended on May 2013 so I was late. Better late than never :)

The ending was, umm, horrible? I have no words. I'm really glad I stopped reading and buying it. Let me be honest, I'm a Zero fan. I like his character, his good looks, no. He has the trappings of every bad thing around him but he grows up fine and wiser. Look, if you read the story from the beginning, a lot of his past was fleshed out meticulously, it's hard not to root for him. Unlike Kaname. I could sense this is the OTP the manga was building. So in the beginning I rooted for Zero-Yuki. I liked Yuki. She was a great character, she had a kind heart and she cared about Zero. Now she's just meh, trapped between two guys. And she could never pick one. Double meh. You know, you don't just build this fantastic relationship and then do a detour. It kills the story and makes the buildings a waste and waste my time.

Owh the ending. Apparently Yuki ends up with Zero only because Kaname died. Really. Argue with me all you want but I think Yuki really loved Kaname to the point she sacrificed herself for him (and if she really loved Zero, she wouldn't have feelings for Kaname) I could sense that the author was torn between the two factions. And I heard in Japan the Kaname faction rules. Yikes. So the author gives us the ending of Yuki having children of both men (don't ask) and Zero gets to spend 1000 years with Yuki. But you know what, Yuki loved Kaname more. And Zero doesn't deserve Yuki. He deserves someone better. I'd like it if Zero ended up with someone else (people don't always end up with people they love you know) and have those adorable twins. Let Yuki end up with Kaname sheesh.
Still the best image ever from VK!
 I don't judge a story by its ending, especially is the journey is great. VK has all that would make a great manga. It has great drawings too. Too bad it becomes sour halfway through. My favourite story arc is the arc of Zero and his twin, Ichiru. I feel so much for both of them, till now. That is what I will best remember VK about. 
 I'm glad it ended early. And one thing for sure I'm not gonna start a manga with ambigous OTP. Sucks.

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