Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Malaysia is number 56 in PISA for Reading, Maths and Science

I feel sad. Well, as an educator, I wish the results were better but then again, I am trapped in this education system that emphasizes on exams rather than learning and studying. Msia, apparently reads less than the average number and performs below average too in science and maths. I am not shocked. I am just disappointed. I hope, as a teacher, I am not churning out people who don't like reading but I hope I help in building people with character and sensitivities.

I am extremely jealous of students overseas who read at every chance they get. I do it too. But not my students. Not all of them, I know,  but many of them. I read a lot of books but I think I'm the only one in my immediate surroundings who does it. My siblings don't share my enthusiasm and my parents even more. Not their fault but it's the way the society is constructed. I read Sherlock Holmes and nobody I know reads it. I really am alone. It's a struggle at school. I know many of my colleagues don't read so how am I suppose to inspire the students? And they read thrash like those romance novels. I did too. I was young too but I also read all those fantastic literature on the side. 

Please read. Reading is for your soul like food is for your body.

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