Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Harry Potter Series' Wisdoms (1)

 Nothing irks me more than people assigning the Harry Potter series as 'Children's Books' because it is anything but that. I grew up with the book and the book taught me a lot of things in life. I mean A LOT. So I'm gonna start dispensing those advice that taught me a lot to my readers :3

Meaning, to see the true character of someone, if he is kind or nasty or pretentious, look at the way he treats people of a lower station than him, rather than the way that person treats his equals like his colleagues or friends because if he's really worthy, he'll be kind to people who is below him.

This wisdom is not new-in fact we are told to be kind to people but this quote makes it fantastic because it is the truth; most people treat their inferiors like shit terribly when that person really needs not anybody's inconsideration because he already in that unfortunate situation.

Please be kind to others.

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