Monday, September 27, 2010


The Star came up with a very good cover on PETS. As a happy 2 years and counting cat owner, I am happy that a mainstream newspaper actually cared enough about pets to do a probe and investigated the issue.
Yes, it’s true that certain places have these bogus vet. How to know? Your pet’s condition becomes worse or the worst died because of misdiagnose. My auntie said she knew a vet who diagnosed her cats to death. I also knew one vet who said my kitten would do fine but it died on the way home.
Thank God for a vet near my house in SG. At first when I sent my cat to her, she seemed too young and incompetent. But after a few times, and after consulting other vets in KL, I find her very competent. Her age misled me but her words are good. Apparently, the animal healthcare world is very young, and the younger the vet, the better they are (Is this true?) And UPM apparently produces very, very good veterinarians, on par with developed nations’!

One reader in Harian Metro apparently was pissed-off that certain animal lovers (like me!) were angry and disturbed at the way the department involved  put down the dogs owned by the main suspect of the SosilawatI murders. The dogs were owned by the suspects, and since he was remanded two weeks ago, his dogs had not been fed and have been scurrying around eating stock animals at other estates. With complaints received, they tracked down these dogs and put them down with high dose of tranqulisers that killed them. How INHUMANE! Ok, first things first-
  1. The dogs were eating other animals because they were HUNGRY and STARVING. Please don’t think they could endure it because they were strayed animals, they are pets!!
  2. The owner IS the one being accused as the murderer, not the dogs. Why put the blame on the animals? Oh, the owner used the dogs to threaten Sosilawati? Again, it WAS THE OWNER!!
  3. The dogs could been tranquilised and brought to animal centres. Oh, it would incur more fund? Oh please, I’d rather spend my taxes on these animals than on multibillion mega projects that is nothing (remember PKFZ)and is only to enrich the pockets of certain people!
  4. Kenapa bising2 psl anjing, sedangkan kisah mengenai nyawa manusia x dibisingkan? -that’s what the reader write. Hello, when did we say we are not horrified or sad about the murders? The newspapers write about it EVERYDAY at the front page. Did we say anything? And just because they are dogs, they have no right to live? No wonder Islam has bad PR.

Rasulullah (SAW) said: “Anyone who kills even a sparrow for no reason (should know that) it will cry aloud to Allah on the Day of the Resurrection, saying, “O my Lord! So-and-so killed me just for fun; he killed me for no reason!” ‘(Sunan An-Nasa’i)
Ayesha (RA) said: “I was once riding a difficult (slow-moving) camel, so I kept hitting it. When Rasulullah (SAW) saw me, he Rasulullah (SAW) said: “Be gentle, for gentleness adorns everything in which it is found, and its absence leaves everything tainted.” (Musnad Ahmad)

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