Thursday, September 23, 2010

When life..

It has quite a long time since I last posted. Actually there were so many things happening in my life and being the Ramadhan month too, a lot of things needed to be done and taken care off.

So, most of the time you can actually get me on fb but I mostly go there for my students. I rarely updated my stats cuz I'm not the type of person who reveals my inner feelings. And when I did, like in my last post, I lost a few 'acquaintances'-I call them that because they were not my friends. If they cannot accept my opinions and my beliefs, but not telling them to my face but I get to hear from everybody else, were we really friends?

And within the duration of one month, a lot of things happened-betrayal, back stabbing, hypocrisy all were revealed. A once good friend proved to be the undoing of all. I will never forgive them. Till the next world, I will never.

I could never understand why these things happened to my family. We never hurt anybody. We are not perfect-sometimes I do feel jealousy towards other people, but I have never ever felt the need to go THAT FAR. It is against my religion, my faith and belief and what I know is good and true.And to show up during Hari Raya like they were angels sent from above, when insides contained such unspeakable malice, is beyond my comprehension.

Now my family are torn apart. Thank god my mom brought us up to be able to differentiate between good and evil. This year we had less houses to go and less people visiting us. But it's ok. Tak luak pun.

I believe one day Truth Shall Prevail and Death Is True, and The Day of Judgment Is Impending.

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